5 BLOODIEST WWE Matches Of All Time

5 BLOODIEST WWE Matches Of All Time

JBL hit Eddie Guerrero so hard in the head that it caused him to cut an artery in his head!

Matches Featured In This Video: *SPOILER ALERT*
5. MNM vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor – WWE Armageddon 2006
4. John Cena vs Edge vs Triple H – WWE Backlash 2006
3. Triple H vs. Batista – WWE Vengeance 2005
2. John Cena vs JBL – WWE Judgment Day 2005
1. Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL – WWE Judgment Day 2004

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5 BLOODIEST WWE Matches Of All Time

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  1. Note: We do know that the majority of the wrestlers in this list bladed. It's really surprising that the small majority of people can't tell we were trying to kayfabe but oh well…

  2. Triple H you sore LOSER!

  3. John cena is all I got to say

  4. My top 5( 0 being the bloodiest)

    5: Ric flair vs Edge
    4: Batista vs Triple H
    3: Hulk hogan vs Vince McMahon
    2: Triple H vs John Cena vs Edge
    1: Cena vs JBL
    0: Eddie Guerrero vs JBL

  5. J Like John Cena

  6. this is where it’s actually real ok

  7. blllllooooooooddddddddyyyyy

  8. I never knew I hated blood so much🤢

    Welp, I'm gonna watch this anyways. Why? Because I like to torture myself.

  9. What about the brock vs roman when roman was bleeding

  10. Do you not know what blading is

  11. This is how many times he said triple haitch

  12. This not triple haytch . This is triple h

  13. Ohh off

  14. One big comedy..

  15. From then to now u have come a long way

  16. Shut up about Triple Hatch already.

  17. The front picture of they vid is not photo chopped I watched it on wwe it was brutal

  18. John Cena triple h and edge match was the deadliest

  19. How did they so bloody

  20. 2020 anyone

  21. Haven’t watched yet but Rick the nature boy better be on here

  22. Whete is john cena vs brock lenser at extreme rules
    Roman reings vs brock lesner at wreslemania

  23. Jbl, ric flair, and mc foley the bloodiest wwe fighters

  24. I have no fudging idea why you didn't include hbk vs hhh last man standing at RR 2004

  25. Good

  26. Omg🔥🔥😳😳😳😳😳

  27. show video proof and dont talk

  28. Triple h vs Batista h.i.a.c was a snoozefest

  29. #5 shouldn't be in the countdown. Only one person bled and the bleeding only lasted a minute.

  30. Where’s Bret vs Bulldog from In Your House?

  31. Alot of talking making me asleep I hate this

  32. Lund

  33. You missed John cena vs Brock lesnar

  34. Triple hess 😂😂😂

  35. What a great era of wrestling from 2004 to 2008 ,after that jokes strats in wrestling

  36. Jemand deusch

  37. The bloddiest one is john cena

  38. You remember Fake Razor Ramon and Fake Diesel? Well. Triple Haitch is Fake Triple H.

  39. The Guerrero was a bad blade job

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