All 7 Sacred Treasures and Their Powers Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)

All 7 Sacred Treasures and Their Powers Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)

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All 7 Sacred Treasures and Their Powers Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)

In this video, I look at each sacred treasure and what we know about their powers.

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  1. You forgot one form of kings treasure its the pillow.if its not please tell me

  2. We cant forget ban is technically immortal so he maybe that why he doesnt really care for his sacred treasure. But also it can grant him unimaginable power which could make him stronger than meliodas, since he fought the demon king.

  3. Wait what whould happen when meliodas clones himself and then he uses revenge counter

    Meliodas – Lostvayne
    Diane – Gideon
    Ban – Courechouse
    Harlequin – Chastiefol
    Gowther – Herritt
    Merlin – Aldan
    Escanor – Rhitta

  5. Escanor is so hot!😂

  6. if your waiting for the dentist, watch AnimeUproar instead

  7. Couldn't just escanor sunbathe his axe when he doesn't use it to prepare the axe for battle


    King barely uses his sacred trasure, unlike ban

  9. All Might vs Escanor

  10. hello 😀

  11. How about kings fossilization

  12. I don’t know if this is just me or remember when ban tried to do “surgery” on that red demon with his nunchucks and Elaine said they have more than five hearts what if that is it but it increases fox hunt and many other powers he has

  13. Why Gowther can fly is it because of his Sacred treasure?

  14. If Merlin can resist commandments then please do explain why she was even turned to stone by Galand’s commandment of truth.

  15. Something I never understood was how Ban got his scar. I know Meliodas gave him the scar with the coffin of eternal darkness broken sword but in the show the sword part of the weapon is apparently not important at all as Helbram threw it away like nothing and only took the coffin key. So why is it like the strike from that sword specifically injured ban so badly that the fountain of youth couldn’t heal it completely but the sword part of the coffin key was basically just a normal sword blade that was discarded like it was nothing? Is it just the power of Meliodas with a sword that makes that injury so bad? And if that’s the case why can Ban survive many attacks from commandments but not a slight scrape from a sword?






  17. wtf is wrong with their noses in the manga

  18. That's not how u say lostvayne. It's doesn't sat lost it says losetvayne, u get what i mean

  19. king says spirit,spirit,chastiefol, 1st,2nd,3rd, whatever configuration

  20. Ban has his sacred treasure now

  21. What you mean ban after pergortory can go head to head with demon king meliodas

  22. So basically Meliodas Sacred Treasure basically makes him do shadow clone justu

  23. I like escanor without the mustache because I think he's hot
    It bothers me that he looks like the Pringles man with the mustache on

  24. .

  25. I think that his weapon now is the preevolved from

  26. 12:00 what do you mean???

  27. 8:55 but merlin was turned to stone when she lied??

  28. Ban won't need it because he's immortal

  29. Im not sure if you the manga or anime went over this but when meliodas makes the copies and they are fractioned based on how many he makesdoes it effect the real meliodas' power or does he always stay the same?

  30. Meliodas power level: 1k +

    Meliodas with sealed base: 1k+
    Meliodas with DM: 4k+

    Meliodas with lostvayne: 3k+

    Meliodas with berserk mode: 10k

    Meliodas powers restored: 32k

    Meliodas post revival: 60k

    Meliodas with DM post revival: 60k+

    Meliodas assault mode: 142k

    Meliodas possessed by DK: 666k

    Meliodas DK: 800k

    Kid Ban: 250

    Ban before immortality: 750

    Ban after immortality: 2k+

    Ban purgatory: 513k

    Ban purgatory with sacred treasure: 500k or 600k+

    Merlin using infinity: 150k or 120k

    Escanor daylight: 20k

    Escanor near noon: 60k

    Escanor The One: 200k

    Escanor The Ultimate One: 700k

    King with spear: 2k

    King with spear 4th configuration: 20k or more than

    King with tiny wings: 100k it less or more

    King with grown wings: 400k or 500k

    Gowther with feelings: 90k or more or less

  31. For king he forgot pillow

  32. For king he has nine form the ninth is death thorn's

  33. U forgot about kings pillow form in his spear

  34. Am i the only one who doesn’t like that King can use multiple spirit spears now

  35. Ban,melodias and escanor is my favorite characters

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