AOCG | Rambo The Video Game (2014) When a Polish Wii dev wanted to go big

AOCG | Rambo The Video Game (2014) When a Polish Wii dev wanted to go big

a 2014 game from a Polish dev that made only Wii War Rail shooters (the Heavy Fire series of games , that even came to PC/PS3/Xbox360) … passable on the Wii … that wanted to go big , by getting the licence to the Rambo franchise to make games from it … and it became, this … a movie Trilogy game turned into a mediocre Rail shooter , with awful sound problems … and a added later Bravo Team DLC to save the game … is this game bad , well the only awful about it, was its Rage Mode (in it , you can only heal yourself ) and the Difficulty … on Easy you can breeze though this game without a scratch since they don’t damage you … but on normal … 4-5 shots your dead … add to that, its horrible cover mechanic and Health system … and Virtua Cop this is not … but a Re-skinned Heavy Fire game lulz

Its kinda funny, that the Sega made 2008 Rambo Arcade Rail Shooter … was well… a better product then , its kinda graphical superior counter part … … in other words “Graphics does not make a game , when its design is not fun”



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  1. if Rambo died in 1988 … then how come Rambo V exists ?

  2. The only saving grace is the PS3 Move version : … makes you feel like you where playing in an arcade , and its the only version with fixed Healing system … like lulz wtf hahaha

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