BEST Science & Technology MEME Compilation | Coub

BEST Science & Technology MEME Compilation | Coub

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  1. Get Memes Apparel here:
    Get Hip-hop Apparel here:
    Use code meme for an Extra 5% discount ($49+)!
    Use code memes for an Extra 10% discount ($99+)!

  2. we are not caveman spongebob, we have technology

    The technology:


  4. I'm something of a scientist myself

  5. Ugh I hate people who think they are programmers because they can change their text color

  6. poor baby

    1:25 BATTLEFIELD 1 is available now!!!

  8. 1:37 the holy beer of God

  9. 3:50
    -Im a musician.

    -Oh really? What do you play


  10. I love this

  11. Wait memes were not dead memes


  12. 3:45 name song?

  13. I've seen floating planes myself…

  14. Two letters:

  15. My mom when she drops a plate: laughing hystericaly
    Me : drops is also
    Mum: 2:36

  16. Nice anime dude 3:36

  17. 🤣😂😅

  18. Its 1:49 in the morning how did I get here

  19. 0:24 see kids this is what happens to over achievers… morale of the story; be super lazy while your friends do all the work

  20. 1:06 wtf 🤣

  21. When an online game is lagging: 2:16

  22. Ya ebu sobak this on Russian language

  23. 0:03 song?

  24. I am Japanese. Excuse me. Please tell me the name of 0:03 song.

  25. 3:25 if the chocolate would be made this way, then everyone would never eat it

  26. lol

  27. Pobre bebé

  28. Cringe bruh

  29. 0:07 Putin these days 🤣🤣🤣

  30. The germaphobic electrician: 1:00

  31. Bad food poops 😖 look 3:27

  32. This video was blocked for like an eternity

  33. The last one is spear of justice

  34. 0:13 I died laughing

  35. 0:20 There goes 2 million dollars.

  36. 2:40 glooooooooy

  37. 1:24 Grooooooooy

  38. When you wanted an fried chicken.
    But mother nature said.

  39. 2:45
    What REAL men have for an alarm clock

  40. 3:34 Earth water fire air

  41. Teacher: so what instrument can you guys play
    Talented kid:I can play the violin
    The child prodigy of Beethoven: I can play the piano
    Me: I cAn Pllya te cAlculator

  42. 0:33 OMG. It is eclipse.

  43. when you get smart for the dumbest reasons.
    epic gamer moment


  45. 1:20 That's how a fbi house raid rocket works…

  46. Where's the original video from 1:56

  47. 1:37 song????

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