Brawl without limits in WWE 2K Battlegrounds on Sept. 18

Brawl without limits in WWE 2K Battlegrounds on Sept. 18

WWE video game action will go to all new levels of over-the-top intensity when WWE 2K Battlegrounds, an arcade brawler featuring more than 70 WWE Superstars and Legends, releases on Sept. 18, 2020 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch and Stadia. Pre-order today and receive Edge as an in-game character!
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  1. 0:24 Braun strawman vs undertaker

  2. Better than 2k game.. 😁

  3. I can't wait for this game to be released

  4. I got the pre-order

  5. This looks a pile of 🐕💩

  6. So there's no MIZ ..

  7. Why kofi doesn't have updated attire

  8. Imagine choosing wwe 2k20 over a game that we barely know anything about and is yet to be released

  9. When I first saw this game on A Monday Night Raw my Brain was just nuked. THIS IS GONNA BE AMAZING!!!!

  10. I’m more excited for this than I have been for any WWE games in years. For people complaining about micro transactions, it will likely be similar to NBA 2k playgrounds and it was fairly easy to unlock the whole roster in that game without spending a dime. Unlocking stuff in games used to be considered fun and now people complain if you don’t have everything unlocked at the start

  11. next game wwe 2k21 wwe 2k22 ciampa gargano cole please don't thinking problem never in the game roster next year😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬2021

  12. Goldberg would be perfect for this game

  13. Should have made a sequel to all stars

  14. I hope Liv Morgan, Boogeyman, The Great Kali, Hornswoggle and more are in the game… That will just make the game on another level

  15. I’m not buying this. I’m going to be mad if this is replacing Wwe 2k21

  16. I prefer my smartphone, So It would be glad if you release this game in android/ios.

  17. i'm waiting for wwe 2k22 don't let me down

  18. Cant wait for u to hit 100M

  19. OMG i can not wait! 😱

  20. I like wwe wwe 2k20


  22. Cursor pointed

  23. PlayStation noticed WWE

  24. Imagine hating on a game before it comes out I’m gonna roast all these people when the game is a huge success

  25. I’m glad because it is close to my birthday once it comes out 29th

  26. This looks really good! Im definitely gonna cop this when it comes out.

  27. Aye, Green Day though!

  28. Im getting wwe battlegrounds cause it looks so fun i cant wait to play the fiend and more

  29. It better be nxt superstar in the game

  30. I’m pre-ordering this game! Sick game! Can’t wait for it! Probably gonna be one of my favourite WWE games!

  31. At least have a company that just has there focus on one game like yikes did 2k has been trash and always will be

  32. 💲? ARGENTINA

  33. Personality….I love the arcade feel of wrestling games. Over the past few years they’ve become stale and just blah. Wrestling games need to be fun again! There’s nothing wrong with these graphics and a little mechanics. I guarantee this will have longer play factor then the past 3 wwe games combined.

  34. Ok

  35. I've pre ordered this already! So hyped for this game!

  36. The graphics are just amazing I want the game

  37. This is dumb.

  38. Will it be on ps5

  39. Looks like a pretty decent sized roster!

  40. This game looks great hope we get special match types like Inferno Match or Boneyard Match looks like September 2020 is for the calendar.

  41. 0:13 green day

  42. I will buy it looks fun to me

  43. Does it gonna have Collecter's Edition?

  44. You can hit your opponents with a motorcycle….get Edge for pre-order…throw people to Crocodiles…


  45. So…it's like a hornswoggled version of all stars.

  46. Reminds me so much of all stars back in the 360 era.

  47. Cool

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