Catherine: Full Body- EX Final Boss Archangel & Rin's True Ending | Standard-Normal [Perfect]

Catherine: Full Body- EX Final Boss Archangel & Rin's True Ending | Standard-Normal [Perfect]

All Gold prize run in the Catherine: Full Body on Normal-Standard Mode. As well as story cutscenes.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – 8:30

Catherine: Full Body is a remake/enhanced port of the 2011 Catherine video game. Full Body is developed and published by Atlus’ Studio Zero Team for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.


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  1. The only part of this ending I really care about is that Erica became a wrestler and apparently got together with Toby

  2. well its no weirder than everything else weve seen in this game, and they humiliated mutton so its fine by me ^^

  3. I like how Vincent does the sassy little bow. Future family reunions are gonna be so awkward

  4. Dude, I play this game too much. I was like screaming watching this every time you pulled a wrong block >_<

  5. First Dumuzid (who referred to himself as "the morning star", meaning he could be the Devil), now an Archangel. Here's holding for Vincent to beat YHVH in a possible Catherine III XD

  6. Gru: P-pay no attention to the Minions operating the angel armor!

  7. How do u get this stage

  8. GAEEE

  9. we went from Persona to full blown SMT to an episode of Space Dandy.
    9.5 out of 10 a little something for everyone.

  10. I like this ending because it fits with Vincent wanting to go on the space tour and now he gets to tour the galaxy with the one he loves. That little alien ship remind me of Futaba's persona.

  11. 8:57 is cute

  12. Looks like metatron

  13. Harohapi alien alien
    Check it out Dismarchus

  14. This feels like an episode of Star Trek TNG. I'm tripping massive balls.

  15. this is too strange, even for Atlus

  16. kathrine : how the f you can get a baby ?

    rin & Vincent : oh s*it !!
    btw i demand kathrine route . please . she is the best woman

  17. That's alot of E D G E

  18. 12:40

    Idk man, Toby and Erica looks pretty cute right there to me

  19. My only question is, where the hell did Catherine go off to? She literally just dipped

  20. It feels like they just wanted to finally put in aliens into the game.
    So uh wait, are "demons" just aliens now too?

  21. Can we just say Vincent is a messiah and call it a day?

  22. 8:46
    Look at that persona cameo
    So adorable :3

  23. It's not an atlus game if god isnt the villain

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