CGR Undertow – THE DARING GAME FOR GIRLS for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

CGR Undertow – THE DARING GAME FOR GIRLS for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow video game review of THE DARING GAME FOR GIRLS from Majesco for Nintendo Wii. Are you daring and a female human being between the ages of -8.9 months and 13 years old? Here’s the game for you? A collection of mini games that is strung together with a story to seem less a collection of mini games sprinkled with fun facts and trivia. While we are certainly not the target audience for this game parents may get a kick out of the review and find a game for their girls to enjoy. Solid production values and controls make this package better than its title would have you believe. Sadly, so many poorly produced mini-game collections have cast a shadow over this genre, but The Daring Game for Girls kicks some girl-power into the fact of lesser mini game collections with a bit of style. This CGR Undertow video game review of The Daring Game For Girls, based on the book The Daring Book for Girls, shows gameplay from The Daring Game For Girls on Nintendo Wii with video game play.


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  1. Did someone dare you to review this?

  2. They run funny,

  3. Collected Sulfur??? Wtf?!

  4. @bailey12444
    How? Where us the construction site? Please help me I am so confused!

  5. … I'd play "The Daring Game for Girls II: Hymns of Blood and Thunder"

  6. Now all we need is a Perilous Book for Hermaphrodites.

  7. "…Like foetus and thirteen" hahahah just discovered CGR Undertow and i'm loving it!

  8. I think he was being sarcastic….

  9. Love that this is like gta for kids XD

  10. derek always gets this ones…

  11. what? are you 26??

  12. But who is 9 years old? I am 9 years old too.

  13. FYI: the game is a "licensed" one of the book "The Daring Book for Girls" which was a sequel to the book "The Dangerous Book for Boys". It's great that the game captures the style of the book: passing various (US) child culture that can easily forgotten these days. E.g. how can you have a lemonade stand if you only use debit cards?


  15. PRO TIP: sexism isnt a good marketing strategy

  16. Needs moar knives.

  17. i know its a bit late but your right. some times i watch his reviews on a game i previously thought would be bad and change my mind on it after ive watched his review. then i think about a bit then realise no this game is shit hes just amping it up a bit to much lol.

  18. @kyonmanaka nah, more like 1996

  19. Kudos for reviewing this game!!

  20. @badgenome Sir, I applaud you.

  21. Great. Another crapware for the Wii.

  22. LOL
    1:48 2:14

  23. your 26? you sound like a 13 year old who hasn't fully hit puberty

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