Chappelle's Show – Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories – Prince – Uncensored

Chappelle's Show – Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories – Prince – Uncensored

Charlie Murphy is surprised when he gets schooled by Prince in a game of hoops.

About Chappelle’s Show:
It’s not just a show – it’s a social phenomenon. Dave Chappelle’s singular point of view is unleashed through a combination of stand-up bits and street-smart sketches. Hailed by critics and beloved by fans, Chappelle’s Show brings the funk and the noise – and some of the funniest comedy on television.

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  1. Funniest shit live ever watched. Dave and Charlie… my sides hurt

  2. 1:28 I just noticed his reaction to what Prince was wearing LMFAO😂😂😂!!!!!!!!!

  3. Classic

  4. “Bitches”

  5. Charlie Murphy will live on forever in his True Hollywood Stories!

  6. I hope i never get called a bitch by somebody in a blouse holding pancakes

  7. Masterful

  8. Title says uncensored.. less than 15 seconds in it bleeps “shit” lovely

  9. Purple game, purple game 😉

  10. Classic never forget when I bought the box sets before seeing the show thanks for the memories Mr Murphy.

  11. Is this guy an Eddie Murphy clone?


  13. RIP Charlie Murphy you’re by far my favorite on that show

  14. Would have been THAT MUCH BETTER had they been wearing those 80s short shorts! 😄

  15. Micki Free confirmed this was true down to the pancake part.

  16. Looks like the BLOUSES showed the SHIRTS how to play B-BALL

  17. Whats funny was prince actually said this happened lol the only difference was prince said he's just an average bball player its just Charlie murphy sucked so bad lol

  18. Still hilarious every time!

  19. So of the funniest sketches ever made. Master piece. Rip Charlie Murphy and Prince man

  20. After watching the last dance and seeing Jordan, this makes me think that Prince was cut from the same competitive cloth. He used the slight about blouses to bust their heads.

  21. This also confirmed that prince and his friends were gay I dint judge I just never understood how nobody peep that

  22. How exactly is this uncensored..10 seconds in and like 20 beeps!


  24. christian music

  25. 1:03. this might be one of the funniest schitt's I've ever heard in my life.💀💀

  26. its funny that when mickey free did an interview, he verified the story.

  27. Loved this when it aired. I was like maybe 13 and I already liked Prince, knew he had unique persona so when he started doing all the weird shit I couldn't stop laughing. I mean Prince looked like he had mystical powers just by being Prince. Lol. R.I.P. Prince and Charlie. They left us with some good medicine.

  28. Idaho?

  29. Great video 👍

  30. Chappelles show forever changed how you shoot a basketball with shoot the J shoot it and Kobe!

  31. Shalama gotta New girl man she finer than a mutha

  32. yo that robot dance @ 0:28 is hella serious

  33. Charlie laugh had me weak

  34. it all about the bit at the end where prince flops the pancake onto this plate like he is still pissed about the insult

  35. Still funny in 2020

  36. Why the laugh track sound so weird?

  37. 5:39

  38. Professor of Rock brought me back here!!! Lol

  39. Is this the greatest sketch of all time? HAS TO BE.

  40. The best comedy skit of all time hands down.

  41. You've heard of the Kings of Comedy. Chappelle is the God of Comedy.

  42. we in the club shaking it up thats when toon chaos booster packs came out and yugioh was the s***

  43. blouses..kuz im telling you a story about prince..challenge him in a game of yugioh cards..challange him..kuz you might get emberrased..after the duel was over he went inside and served us pancakes

  44. You can see Dave about to crack up before saying Bitches haha

  45. Rip Charlie Murphy. You will forever be remembered for these awesome skits. Rip prince. You will forever be remembered for being a legendary musician.

  46. They asked micki free if this story was accurate & he said it was exact in every detail. He said prince was like michael jordan . It is hard to think but the fact that its 100% true is awesome. I bet charlie had so many legendary stories to tell. To me the charlie Murphy stories is what made Chappelle show sky rocket. Everybody was quoting from the charlie Murphy stories. Whenever someone does something messed up to this day my sister in law & I will say " cold blooded" like rick James done by chapelle. Dont get me wrong dave is great & their were other great skits & it was his vision to bring on like a paul Mooney to answer questions or bring on charlie murphy as a main cast member. Honestly for those 2 years charlie was more popular than Eddie was.

  47. Uncensored my ass

  48. Charlie Murphy was an incredible storyteller. I wish there were more of these.

  49. I rarely laugh out loud…..but right now my damn sides hurt! PANCAKES

  50. “Game…blouses”

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