DDR Sessions (Road to DDR A) #8: DDRMAX 6th MIX JP PS2 -573 FULL COMBO MAX 300 AA-

DDR Sessions (Road to DDR A) #8: DDRMAX 6th MIX JP PS2 -573 FULL COMBO MAX 300 AA-

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the 8th Installment to the DDR Sessions Series. For each DDR Game I play 1 set of 5 songs for a total of 10 minutes of Unedited and Uncut Gameplay. For now this is the current layout which I will be doing DDR Videos and will be improved over time.

Finally we transition out of the terrible, Old but Gold 30fps PS1 gameplay to some modern PS2 60fps Gameplay, from now on we have deadly accurate steps which means less GREATS for me 🙂

Song Set Selection:
Lovin’ You (Rob Searle Club Mix)- VINYL BABY
Somewhere Over The Rainbow- Cosmic Gate
Ghosts (Vincent De Moor Original Mix)- TENTH PLANET
Justify My Love- Tess
Exotic Ethnic- RevenG
MAX 300- Ω

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DancePad: Custom Omega GX w/Multi-Console Control Box

Next Gameplay: DDRMAX USA PS2

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  1. Where did you buy your pad? I'm looking for a hard pad not those soft mat

  2. Are you playing using a Ps2?

  3. Amazing. 11/10 performance. You should keep doing videos like this.

  4. The best people at ddr are skinny Asians and fat middle schoolers lol

  5. this is badass, love it!

  6. good 🙂

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