Domination *PRO STRAT* | Call of Duty Mobile | CODM Tips

Domination *PRO STRAT* | Call of Duty Mobile | CODM Tips

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Device: iPhone XS Max or iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)

Editing Program: Adobe Premiere Pro

Record Using: Elgato Game Capture Card

Thumbnails: Made by me on Photoshop

Intro Music: RUDE – Eternal Youth

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  1. (You can also try this with a VTOL, although VTOL’s can get blown up faster than a Goliath and can’t capture points!)

    I know a lot of people will comment this "This strat is not gonna work if everyone does it" – I purposely made this video a little bit longer so only those that REALLY want to improve will watch and learn the strat, and also this game has hundreds of thousands of players. It will be used a lot more, but 100% not by everyone! I'm excited to see how people perfect it and how the XS1 integrates itself into the meta.

    Also I forgot to mention that the persistence points stay when you switch to another class with persistence. So you can switch between your close range class and long range without losing streak points!

  2. Best way to win any mode is to have a bunch of sweaties on ur team then y'all have annihilator's and camp like your life depends on it lmao

  3. Actually all of hawksnest saying is not gonna work if your teamattes are thrash

  4. KN 44 is also good

  5. Best pro strat is when you are spawning at A for example at start of match ,all the five must capture A coz it will give a point lead


  7. Watching after they nerfed tf out of persistence

  8. XS1 Goliath and 3 man team:exist

    Me:Trying my best to defend B

  9. Dom strat:
    establish map control at the very start
    cap B & control B
    hold the flags til end of round


  10. Dead silence is the best perk! No hard line !

  11. U saved my rank bro…..😌✌️❤️

  12. Bro persistent reduces your point when you die i dont know how many but I observe but it does

  13. Xs1: exists
    War machine: peace was never an option

  14. "This is OP"
    blows right away

  15. Bro uve ruined it for solo players… This gameplay is becoming meta now.. We destroyed the team in first half is what we thought.. With 75-43… Then in next half they hit us with vtol 2 xsi and 2 cluster strikes. We couldn't do Jack. Wtf! Solo ranking is just painful now.

  16. For a minute i thought you went bald ;_;
    Your beanie matches your skin colour

  17. 4 month and still rocking this in ranked domination, the only downfall now in season 7 is that you cannot recycle the score streaks.

  18. In ranked TDM I win
    In ranked S&D I win
    In ranked Hardpoint I win

    Domination I fucking defeated every time 😑😑😑 I don't know what to do

  19. New to your channel, but I would love to improve my game so I'll watch and learn.

  20. All teamates i met: i am the useless the sh*thole you always see i always don't help you, and i don't cap.

  21. What is the intro music

  22. Does this still work in season 6?

  23. i dont understand that game, what's the point of getting flags if u can win with 150points, i hate it when all my enemies use smgs

  24. im so friggin tilted my teammates keep taking A or C and not B

  25. I love the I intro song

  26. Me:gets a Goliath
    Enemies:I'm about to end this man's whole career

  27. Then the Goliath was nerfed :’(

  28. But before 3months layer
    Don't need any SMRS just
    One shot of annihilator 😇

  29. U would be a much better player if u used better perks 🤦. U always need dead silence, u should also never use persistence

  30. Hi pls check me out I am a codm and rythm game player

  31. Mew

  32. I'm looking to form a team for the tournament, anyone pro 3 rank preferred. I'm about to be master 1. Add my GT chaosFTW.

  33. B point in Standoff and Crash is a fcking nightmare

  34. Domination mode made me consider suicide

  35. Hawknest is the scienctist of cod mobile 😁😁😎

  36. how can i enter to your discord server?

  37. So now i know why xs1 got nerfed.

    People are scraping my xs1 with S36s

  38. In snd the dead silence doesn't work , why ? 🤔

  39. s36. hardline and persistent pissing me off, not worthy players are using vtol in ranked…

  40. Hawknest I know you only focus on mp but atleast highlight my comment to developers thank you…

  41. Codm br match making sucks it need to fix I am suggesting a players should match up and can only play with according to their rank except inviting lowers ranks this ll make codm better cos br is so damn easy please codm make br gameplay better in the future updates this is my humble request…

  42. Can u pls get to the point where in u do the strat cuz i dont like any suggsestion

  43. I hear the xxxtentacion music in the backround

  44. Only pro stats is use s36 because all mfs use that in ranked and just spray that shit

  45. Bruv this strat is actually crazy. I solo queued in ranked with this strat without even warming up at all and clutched it up like crazy after being down 30+ points. Ended up getting 2nd to mvp

  46. @HawksNest .I have a question : does a xs1 goliath not show o the minimap if you have GHOST PERK on the class

  47. Trophy system is underrated asf. Most people didn’t even bring it in ranked! At least in the region I play. I’m done solo queueing to master 2. Lost 8 game in a row because people have no idea how domination works,good thing I placed top 3/mvp in all that game so it’s less painful since the didn’t minus too many points.

  48. Uses artic 50 and gets 60 kills in domination…

  49. A very terrible strat. Not gonna comment on the specific of the strat. But u r showing us the strat and u urself took 90/150 of the domination score to get it. That's over half the game over already. Not to mention u had a lead before u even got the goliath so the enemy had pressure on them anyway.

    Presistance is not viable here. Ur better of using hardline and trying to get on a 7 streak. Not to mention the points u get of capping flags. And if ur under master 3 to 4 then getting on a 7 streak should be nothing.

    The strat can work if u get the goliath ready for R2 instead of getting it IN R2.
    But persistence is a nope.

    Edit: oh yea and I forgot that war machine exists. RIP.

    Imaging getting a goliath after 1800 score and then getting it WM in less than a second.

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