Dominoes Game Rules & Instructions | Learn How To Play Dominoes | Dominoes

Dominoes Game Rules & Instructions | Learn How To Play Dominoes | Dominoes

Dominoes game complete playing guide with rules & instructions.
How to play Dominoes?
Dominoes game complete rule video tutorial for beginners.
Dominoes’ gameplay explained.
Let’s play Dominoes.

The game is played with a set of rectangular tiles called dominoes.
Each domino is a rectangle that is divided with a line down its middle to separate its ends into two squares.
Place all the dominoes facedown, and shuffle them.
Each player then draws seven dominoes for his hand.
You can pick from anywhere in the pile, but after a tile has been picked, it can’t be put back into the pile.
The remaining dominoes are used as the draw pile and is known as the “boneyard”.
These tiles are left face down on the table to be drawn later if a player is unable to play from his hand.
Set your 7 dominoes up in front of you so that you can see them, but try to keep them hidden from other players.
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