Donkey Kong – The Board Game | Guru Larry & Ashens

Donkey Kong – The Board Game | Guru Larry & Ashens

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Guru Larry and Ashens raid the attic once again to play another children’s board game based on an 80’s arcade game. This time it’s the Nintendo classic Donkey Kong!


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  1. erectile dysfunction , konkey dong

  2. This channel rules the internet

  3. not funny

  4. There’s also a Donkey Kong card game from about the same time. It’s not terrible. They discussed it on an early episode of the Flip the Table podcast.

  5. Donkey Kong XXX lol

  6. Must be very young parents if its "family game".. as its for 7 to 14 years.. I had the Zaxxon board game! Never played it, didnt have a clue how to, instructions might as well have been written in hierogryphics

  7. Konkey Dong

  8. Wario and Waluigi in the early days lol

  9. Not sure how you turn the original Donkey Kong into a board game.

  10. 16:30

  11. 0:01

  12. I Didn't realize Larry put on a voice for his videos until now.

  13. Looks like mario is slipping on donkey kongs sproo

  14. Share your donkey kong with the entire family!!!

  15. Hi everyone watching in 2019

  16. CRAP it's official Donkey Kong does not work as a boardgame

  17. This is pathetic.

  18. Mario donkey kong

  19. But is a hanging chad counted as being an actual chad? What about a pregnant chad? It makes a big difference! Presidents can rise or fall depending on chad definitions.

  20. for such an old game, its in really good condition.

  21. They really need a 3rd player to be the DK. It would be really fun that way

  22. Still occasionally watch this just to hear the worst Bruce Forsyth impression ever. You Tube Gold.

  23. Mario, Luigi, Guido and Gianni!

  24. Why does a windows xp computer turn on in he background at 16:33?

  25. "These are the right shape for children to shove up their nostrils!"

    Oddly enough, I was waiting for one of you to attempt that before you said it…

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