Download & Install Windows 10 PRO from USB (Full & Clean Installation 2019)

Download & Install Windows 10 PRO from USB (Full & Clean Installation 2019)

Download Windows 10 ISO (any language, any version) and make a full and clean Installation in your device (PC, Laptop, etc) from USB Flash Drive.

This tutorial will help you to download and make a completely Clean Installation of Windows 10 on your hard drive from scratch.

It is recommended to make a backup of your data before installing.

WINDOWS 10 Official (TOOL)





Elektronomia – Fire




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  1. Khub vlo cilo vai .video ta

  2. Sir please can add video idm downloaded and activation

  3. when it restarts should we remove usb??

  4. Thank you for video….It worked perfectly for me…

  5. Bro Urgent Reply Me Fast ( How Can I Create More Partition)

  6. I have AMD ATHLON x3 default graphic card will it work?


  8. can i install windows 10 pro in a partition of my primary disk without touching and losing all my files?

  9. 2019 Windows eke device of karanne

  10. i did the same but i got windows 7 home

  11. tq dude this really work… tqvm for this solution. 🙂

  12. Thank you so much all is working perfectly honestly this is my first try format & installing Windows & done without any problem thanks again

  13. Thanks so much man, may God bless u and save u. AMEN

  14. great joob

  15. What if my pc bios mode is legacy??

  16. my bios is legacy. will that work? or will it not work?

  17. Why not use Windows USB option in the media tool?

  18. i scanned it and its not a virus and its from official microsoft!

  19. Can this method be used to upload to a newly built pc?

  20. Why I dont get to activation and version options???

  21. I have followed all your steps everything was fine . But I did not the option in the video from 9.11 to 9.40 this was related to provide activation code and then next it was selecting edition whether it is Windows pro or windows home. I was actually wanted to install windows PRO only. Can you please advise what could be the reason for this skip. After install button I got the option directly to Microsoft software license terms page.

  22. I have a question:
    Can i select 64 bit while updating even though my operating system is 32 bit and its 64 bit capable pleasr answer fast i need help!!
    Edit:will my downloaded apps and files will be deleted?

  23. thank you very much sir. its really save me

  24. hi.. does this process requires internet connection? can I do it offline?

  25. Thank you 🤗🤗

  26. the title says how to download windows 10 PRO, but in the tool we cannot choose Windows 10 PRO … what does this mean? Is there a way we can download specifically windows 10 PRO? thanks

  27. Thanks bro it work thx thx thx bro you are a great bro and intelligent man thanks bro 😍😘🙏😻👌👍

  28. Hey Bro I am Very Happy For this Kind of helpful Video that made my day Today bro cause I've Downloaded Alots Windows Iso files but They Just Came Fake and Not working to my PC…… God Bless Yah and Increase your Creativity in your Work bro…….

  29. If i didn't clean or format the required disk where i wana intall a window and format it there at the same place and not refer to command prompt, will it have any difference? Plz help

  30. after finish my pc went into black screen heeelp pls

  31. thanks for a lot <3

  32. Thank you very much ….It's the best video ….

  33. bro if I want to update windows and keep my files then I will click on update?

  34. if bios mode – legacy ——– what to do ?

  35. I seen about 5 videos this the only one that help me I got the windows pro full version from another sites theres always third partys..

  36. pekne video dam like odber

  37. Bios mode legacy help me

  38. Select operating system वाला option नही आ रहा है भाई..
    Direct "single language" instal हो रहा है. जबकि मुझे window 10 pro करना है..
    Please help me

  39. Excellent

  40. If target system BIOS Mode is Legacy then

  41. Thnx bro

  42. one of the greatest video of all time!! the hero that we didnt know that we needed. thnks bro

  43. I have 64bit iso .. So what will I boot mbr or gpt.

  44. Did you creat partions c, d, e and f?.

  45. this install without product key

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