Every Major Tyler1 Outbreak

Every Major Tyler1 Outbreak

The video’s finally back after YouTube took it down for being “misleading”, enjoy.

you guys don’t even want to know how many pages of clips I had to go through and how much time I spent to gather these 4 minutes of goodness

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  1. As requested, Every Tyler1 Stutter – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QJnQxTIUSE

  2. hehe xd

  3. When you get shocked my a fake stapler 0:12

  4. 1:57
    the motorcycle outside my house when i sleep


  6. 3:47
    Me imitating my young or older brother

  7. Is that tourrettes?

  8. 3:17 Mama:you cannot have a candy

  9. "He is speaking the launguage of gods"

  10. Literally just here for the captions lmao

  11. He is like the hulk but less stronger and more angry and aggressive

  12. 0:11 is legendary

  13. look at the black cat in the backround
    when your mom yells at your sibling and you walk away so she doesn't see you smiling

  14. Он что больной что ли ?…

  15. When you are first in super mario kart and a lucky damn shit just pass you:

  16. 2:08 autistic ppl when they get the electric chair

  17. pretty sure he's on drugs like look how fit he is

  18. 1:35 whenever your teammate 中文名 gets killed in pubg

  19. 4:02 i laughed to death

  20. loomian legacy

  21. 0:32 a mimir

  22. 0:27 The opening scene of The Lion King if Rafiki was on the spectrum

  23. Tyler1 honestly are you okay

  24. XD

  25. 1:36 he is speaking the language of the gods

  26. um ok

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