FAST Racing League – Ion Class Sunahara League

FAST Racing League – Ion Class Sunahara League

This is a capture of me playing through the Ion Class Sunahara League in FAST Racing League for the Wii. This is a downloadable WiiWare title. I’m using the Kan Y.

My prior footage of this game didn’t do it justice. Back when I rendered my old footage in Sony Vegas, I didn’t realize that I needed to disable resampling, so the footage ended up being blurry and having some annoying ghosting effects. Also, the game runs at 60 frames per second, but at the time, Youtube only supported 30 fps.

With Youtube’s new support for 60 fps, I decided to record some new footage to really show off this game at its full framerate. I got this game on its release date in 2011 and have been playing it off and on ever since. It’s one of my favorite WiiWare titles, and probably the most technically impressive WiiWare game I’ve seen.

This game is pretty damn hard on Ion difficulty, but I managed to get first place in every race once again without using any launch ramp shortcuts. I also didn’t crash.

Storm Creek in particular was really, really difficult. This was the first and only time I placed first on that track while playing on Ion Difficulty in the full league. I had to collect two boost tokens at a time in certain spots and even then I still barely managed to place first. That’s how brutal the AI is in this game. I hope you like the new footage.

Recorded with the Hauppauge HD PVR and the Wii’s component cables at 60 frames per second. I’m using a Wii Wheel.


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  1. Gotta go fast

  2. The nostalgia

  3. Reply on this comment if you still play the Wii in 2020

  4. If u remember this then you deserve a veterans discount

  5. Nostalgia

  6. nostalgic

  7. OMG I LOVE THIS GAME! I would like this on iOS

  8. I could never beat this game, maybe I sucked at racing games.

  9. wish they had these levels as dlc for RMX

  10. 3:59 I like how when the a.i. takes over it just crashes right on that note like something epic was gonna happen lmfao

  11. I remember when I used to play this game

    I'd always kill myself in the game for fun

  12. 0:58 SWEET JUMP MAN!!

  13. I see why they changed the colors of the boost pads

  14. And it's back for the Switch with Fast: RMX, and it's what an F Zero game would be today…

  15. Used to play this game on my Wii sometimes when I was young mainly because I was a noob

  16. How do you unlock the Kan Y

  17. I love when the announcer says : "YOU ARE FIVE SECONDS AHEAD!" xD

  18. And they say Wii games dont have good

  19. I bet you did very well playing it by using just the wii remote. 100% for you

  20. I just realized the music from Pyramid Valley in this game is the same as the Hero Mode victory music in Fast Racing Neo!

  21. This series is so underappreciated. I am glad Fast RMX got so much exposure.

  22. Oh hey, Pyramid Valley is in this!

  23. Man, can't believe Neo came from this! Very interesting to see where it started

  24. I love this game, and it's brutal difficulty. It looks like a game I'd find in the arcades when Daytona USA came out.

  25. The track intro guy sounds weird…

  26. wow fast racing neo improved a lot

  27. It look's great for a Wii game especially as an indie game make's it all the more impressive.

  28. Here's the thing, I watched gameplay of it, and it just looked so indistinguishable from GX, I thought it was fake, but it isn't.

  29. I loved this game, especially the title music

  30. Wow… What's your secret?

  31. Those graphics are SO good. maybe I will buy fast racing neo!

  32. 123

  33. I hope when neo comes out tomorrow that they'll give you a code to download this. I have the demo, but I not able to download the full game :/

  34. it doesnt seem that difficult compared to its sequel, gamexplain said neo was 'soul crushingly hard', it seriously doesnt look that hard

  35. i had no idea that FAST Racing Neo was a sequel…

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