Goldfinger 64 – 00 Agent Full Playthrough Livestream – Real N64 Capture

Goldfinger 64 – 00 Agent Full Playthrough Livestream – Real N64 Capture

This was released last week but I’ve been unable to schedule an stream until now.
Goldfinger 64 is a mod of GoldenEye 007 that’s been in the works for more than 7 years. It’s a total conversion of GE64 and features 18 missions based on the original Goldfinger film and 2 bonuses from other Bond movies as usual.
You can get it here:

I’ll most likely upload the individual levels recorded from the 60FPS emulator during the week.

This is being played through with the original Nintendo 64 console, EverDrive-64 v3 cartridge and original N64 controller. I’m capturing this with the AVerMedia DVD EZMaker 7 for audio and Conceptronic CHVideoCR V1 for video.
I’m using an aditional patch made by Carnivorous that removes the Anti-Aliasing on the N64 and makes it run smoother and look clearer.
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  1. Omg I wish I had seen this before; with Goldeneye and Goldfinger being the best bond movies also; I love it. It's absolutely amazing. It's awesome too, since Oddjob made his debut in GF.

  2. This is the best game I’ve ever seen fans make! The models and level design are good looking, there are actual driving portions making this feel even more like a legit Bond game, and the music has some memorable hits! The only shame is that this isn’t official. They could’ve made an N64 game for each Bond. I wonder how “Live and Let Die” would look in this format.

  3. The game looks fun but I can't convert a goldeneye rom to this mod to save my life with the required program. There should just be a link to that modded rom.

  4. Man, I don't even know where to start but, this is freaking awesome! Why didn't heard of this earlier man. Now I just need to find a everdrive

  5. The music is shit

  6. I really wish there was a twine Goldeneye mod I know there's the original twine game but a Goldeneye mod version would be epic

  7. I am very impressed. Respect. Loved goldeneye 64, and never thought that ever do someone another game in this engine and all, with new graphicsets and sound. gj.

  8. Wow a Connery era version of Goldeneye, the stages are completely unique, music. Wow a small group of fans put this together, its just awe-inspiring.

  9. G2h

  10. 1:52:36 1:52:44 2:21:48 2:21:57 One Of The Saddest Death Theme's Heard In A 007 Game.

  11. Onde eu baixo o emulador e essa rum para jogar
    Por favos me passe o link
    Sou muito fã de seus videos
    Abraços grande jogador de 007 james bond .

  12. 3:37 – 4:04 LOL talk about an unnecessarily long black screen

  13. Should've have mixed only his best songs with the original soundtrack of goldeneye. Would just make it feel a lot better.

  14. I ain’t gonna lie but I paid a dude 50 dollars for him to make me a cartridge of this game so I could play it on my N64. Best 50 dollars I spent.

  15. This mod is already amazing, but the fact the developers made Oddjobs hat a weapon just makes this a perfect 10/10 experience for me.

  16. The music seems to have a higher pitch again. I get that it happened in the normal PAL game, but why did that situation repeated once again?

  17. Need to clean up the graphics, the lighting and the spacing in it, the music is blah too but very well done.

  18. Man, I can't believe they had Nintendo 64 back in the 60s.

  19. why is it full of Mark Zuckerbergs?

  20. Insanely impressive. What a labor of love.

  21. Why is it so pixalated? Looks like shit…

  22. what!?
    n64 got a new band game!

  23. Is it just me… or does this look like they made the game use the expansion pak (as it says at the beginning), took some assets from Perfect Dark, but still kept the game running at goldeneye’s default 320×240 instead of Perfect Dark’s 648×480 resolution. That doesn’t make much sense because that would mean they had to downsize the resolution.

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