Hosting Virtual Parties with Live Trivia & Streaming It

Hosting Virtual Parties with Live Trivia & Streaming It

Today we will be hosting a virtual party with Zoom Video Conferencing. First, we will review best practices for hosting virtual parties and talk about “How to Keep the Party Crashers from Crashing Your Zoom Event” recently posted on the Zoom Blog. From there, the StreamGeeks will talk about live streaming the Zoom Party and presenting the party online with social media integrations. This is where you can share your party with social media viewers around the world and integrate comments from social media into your broadcast.

Once the team has taken a few minutes to explain how to set up a virtual party and how to live stream it, the Zoom Party will begin! We invite you to join us with the Zoom Meeting ID that will be shared with you on the screen. During the party, we will also be playing Minecraft. The StreamGeeks have a new educational esports Minecraft server you can join at Join us in the Zoom Party or inside of Minecraft for an interactive conversation about esports in education.

The new Minecraft server has been designed to provide teachers with the ability to host project-based esports. The custom-built world can provide teachers with permission-based rules to allow their unique set of students to compete in project-based esports building competitions that can last up to 30 days.

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  1. Awesome.
    Please watch this one.

  2. What is the difference of crowdpurr with kahoot?

  3. 👍


  5. Hi StreamGeeks. Enjoyed the video. I'm a DJ looking for ways to keep my brand busy and was looking at Crowdpurr and Kahoot already before I found you. My experience was that you sort of get what you pay for, and what I got from Crowpurr was the trivia. We tried Kahoot (and I do like it), but I ran into several pre-made trivia games with enough incorrect answers I was nervous to use it for more than close friends and family. Additionally, a couple of the questions surprised me, being inside jokes amongst friends, or a bit salty. So I had to screen the trivia much more closely before using them. Crowdpurr saves me a bunch of time by sheer use of the question generator. Just my addition to your great post here.

  6. ahaha this is an awesome video!! I tried to do a vid like this too but you knocked it out of the park! Keep it up!

  7. I had the best virtual party doing this thanks to you!!! Thanks so much.

  8. Hi Great Video…. I had a question, how did you bring those virtual confetti in your video on zoom call? is there any way to burst balloon or use confetti over zoom call?

  9. How did you avoid the streaming delay?

  10. Did you use Vmix to broadcast to Zoom? If so, how do you do that?

  11. This is great guys! you try to get a LOAD of information and that is OK… it was fun to watch and very educational, keep it up!

  12. hi great tips…maybe do simple version max 5 min?

  13. Hi! Great Vid!! Thx. How are you doing the party confetti and dancers on the bottom?

  14. Please can you explain an option to monetise this option. ie. sell tickets? And how would that apply to live streaming?

  15. I really appreciate this info as I want to launch a trivia game also. But how would I avoid the troll who cursed? Seems like doing a zoom conference is more conducive to trolling versus just doing a YouTube live and keep the trolling to the comments. Thank you 🙏

  16. I too was trying to get as much info as possible…due to Covid our 50th. Wedding Anniversary was cancelled. It was suppose to be on April 11th. And I was hoping we could do something for our family and friends via a virtual celebration. Needless to say I am 70 so a great deal of this new technology is a mystery to me. Have been reading again I could get my hands, but no real help…is there a step by step procedure somewhere?
    Thank you so much…🤗😳😳

  17. hey
    wanted to have a party on the 1st of April
    wanting to do it on Zoom

    could you guide me on how I can do the same

    would like the music to play in the back ground so that a few people in a a breakout room can do karaoke while the others can hear live music in the back ground.

    if I can move people from one room to the other. or even better if they can chose which room they want to go to
    await your response.
    Its going to one of its kind events if you can make it happen

    incase you would like me to call you can do so

  18. Very helpful video. Thanks for the content

  19. Hi! Great tips here, have you seen quality or performance advantages in Zoom over Meet, Teams or Skype? Keep on the good work, thanks a lot

  20. Hey Paul – just a comment to your scene/screen layout – Put your Live PIP on right side of screen, because – – everytime you andle your mixer/harware you turn your body out – away from your viewers – Turning your back onem! It shows much better – more connected if you turn or address your viewers.. Stay good-

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