How I made my own Transparent Super Nintendo Controller

How I made my own Transparent Super Nintendo Controller

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I recently traveled Japan and after playing some arcades I knew that I had to get back to a bit of retro gaming and bought myself a SNES classic mini. For a unique gaming experience I just had to get myself a transparent game pad but those can’t be purchased. That’s why I made one my own by 3D scanning the stock grey controller, and than 3D printed it using transparent resin.
The scanning process required a reference frame that I made by brazing aluminum profiles together.

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  1. Feel free to share the video on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and other social media!

  2. Why put the model in 45 angle to print?

  3. I like that he put “copied in Germany”

  4. Hi Stefan, amazing video you have made. Is there also a possibility that we can download the stl file for the gamepad as well?

  5. deez counter nuts

  6. You could have printed it the other way around, and that could massively reduce support usage, but, that could leave some scarring. Great content as always.

  7. "Optical 3D Scanner from 25,000 EUR * " – whaaaat?! No way. Dislike.

  8. could have probably just super glued that frame

  9. I liked the extra tips on making the frame for 3D scanning and using the Microsoft 3D builder. I'll have try these out on my next photogrammetry project!

  10. Very cool! Now to get a $20k scanner to make an Intellivision and a Coleco controller!

  11. The World turned around. Now Germans make copies of "made in china".
    And NORD-VPN sucks at all. Worst VPN ever. No thumbup because of this shit reclame, has nothing to do with this topic. Nexttime make reclame for baby-food.

  12. That unsightly gap at the witness line could had been cleared up by extruding more material to sacrifice with sanding. Could had even made lines where to stop sanding, and it would had done a fine job at making that seam almost disappear with enough hand work or some time mounting it into a CNC machine for sanding with a custom profile to scrape off the extra material.

  13. Very very cool dude!!! How is the strength of resin prints compared to something like carbon fiber PETG?

  14. wearing a Super Potato shirt as I watch this.

  15. never saw someone being more grateful to nordvpn

  16. Any plans on releasing the STL for the people that have access to a good enough printer but not the scanner? 🙂

  17. Time to dump your sponsor:

  18. Hey Stefan, what type of microscope do you use?

  19. Hey, weißt du was der Scanner kostest? 🤔

  20. have you ever tried adding dye to the resin?

  21. i do not have any font memories.

  22. I wish it did not look like it was in the hands of a little boy idk why anycubic calls it clear if it looks dirty but besides that love it super retro

  23. Please make a video about making a cool pi emulator system.

  24. you can now sell funtastic colored SNES controller shells 🙂

  25. 7:50 wise they add this feature, i have had that problem before :-/

  26. Reminds me of Fraggle Rock

  27. that scanner is lagit. too bad they are only letting you barrow it

  28. That was excellently awesome! Any chace of sharing the STL? Never hurts to ask right? I'll give you an email to send to if that helps!

  29. One thing you could do to make the two parts lineup better would be in fusion extended the length of the lip where they join and sand it flat on some glass until it's all level and correct thickness

  30. Why didn't you print that jig? Why did it need to be metal?

  31. 7:00 damn thats awesome

  32. "Copied in Germany"

    That's a nice touch

  33. Now i'm looking forward to CNC Kitchens MAME arcade cabinet build….

  34. designed in japan, made in china, copied in germany. love it

  35. Super Potato is awesome!

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