How to Check PS4 STATS – PlayStation Hours Played, Trophies & More

How to Check PS4 STATS – PlayStation Hours Played, Trophies & More

HOW TO VIEW PS4 STATS Gameplay Times Trophies Hours Played & More Check your stats here: SUPPORT ME ON Become a Member:
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  1. UH

  2. MUE

  3. You didn’t even show us how

  4. You spent half of 2018 playing games wtf

  5. Man. It would be great if we could see this info year round, like on steam.

  6. Why do you look like keemstar with no hair

  7. it don't work no more

  8. I wanted to see how much time I put into Destiny and I saw the ghost in yo background and got happy cuz you play Destiny

  9. Dude you have the exact same setup as AntDude lol

  10. Thanks for showing me how to get my stats 😒

  11. I need tips for my youtube channel

  12. Not even available anymore

  13. You're very very lazy

  14. Ya, this isn't showing how to look it up. This is how much you played.. Cool most normal adults don't care how much you played. They want to know how to find it. Not leaving bad comment just don't understand how you fudged that up.

  15. Don't need psn to tell me I got 4k hours on ark

  16. can you chick how much you used the console itself not the games!?monkyFlop? Help

  17. I played fortnite 1,3k hours 😳

  18. I got 814 on ark and 903 on Fortnite

  19. I clocked in over 5067 hours I don’t know if I should be ashamed or happy about that..

  20. Nobody asked to see your stats

  21. Wanted to say thank you for this, it's an old video but I used it and it got me 7 free avatars and a ps4 wrap up them so that's dope thank you! For anyone wandering how to use this in now in the URL in the description of the video change the 2018 to 2019 and it will show you your stats after you log in and it will also give you rewards for playing it will give you a voucher to use on the store. Enjoy

  22. Is there a way to view stats on a sub account? I try logging in but it says I need to be over 18 to view stats

  23. This is not a "how to check your stats" video this is a "hey guys look at all my stats" video

  24. How am I able to check my stats from this year cos it’s New Years tomorrow

  25. Looking for 2019stats

  26. 2019 please

  27. 2019????

  28. i have 30142

  29. Please change title

  30. You only had 938 hours lol you don’t play your PS4 much do you I have double that on fallout 4 alone lol

  31. It says the wrap up is finished

  32. Says it down

  33. is there a way to check your stats in 2019?

  34. Is there a way to do it still on the PS4? I was hoping to see it

  35. Trash. Service is closed

  36. 4k hours 3k on fortnite lol

  37. How do you get to this

  38. Bad video. I think they might email to you. Just call Sony

  39. Can you check on ps3?

  40. It says 2018 wrap up has closed

  41. Wish Samsung would come along and wipe out sony

  42. 5000 hrs

  43. Lol I played 1500 hours of destiny

  44. It says the PlayStation wrap up for 2018 has finished

  45. Really Dope. You should be an ALPHA 😉

  46. europe just left out again?

  47. I had 4084 hours played. 3000 being Fortnite

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