How to play Pirates Constructible Strategy Game Part 2: Complete Game rules tutorial

How to play Pirates Constructible Strategy Game Part 2: Complete Game rules tutorial

Somewhat abbreviated but I hope this helps! Thanks for watching!!

Start Here rules tutorial:

Here are the Start Here rules for Pirates CSG:
Here are the Complete Game rules:

You can find the other useful Pirates documents at the bottom of this page:

Disclaimer: I do not own those documents and I did not create this game!

Thanks for watching! Check out my VASSAL tutorial if you don’t have anybody to play with yet and would like to try playing virtually.

eBay is often the best place to find Pirates stuff:
Wizkids Pirates packs:


Pirates Constructible Strategy Game

My fansite:
VASSAL module for virtual play:
Instagram: @piratescsg (

Miniature Trading, the best site for Pirates CSG:
Game page at Board Game Geek:
Facebook group:
Pojo forum page:
Forum for a fan made set:
Cadet-Captain Mike’s Pirates page:

Battle Reports:


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  1. the number of times you hit the ships with dice rolls triggers me XD
    Serious question though, when you play competitively do you refrain from picking up the ships to remove a mast since you'll slightly misplace them when you put them back?

  2. The way I and my friends had always played boarding is if one ship didn't have any crew or both didn't have crew the winner (if there was not crew to be killed) claimed the opposing vessel.

  3. When something says Non-Pirate ships, does that include Cursed or does the Cursed count as Pirate too?

  4. Me and my wife and daughter are all loving your videos do they're helping us fall more and more in love with this game I've probably spent so much money on eBay right now

  5. Hey do you think the HMS Apollo from fire and steel is a good gunship for a English fleet I do also have her link Thomas Gunn I was just wondering I wanted to use it for that because she was my very first 5 master

  6. I’m guessing that the islands are so close together for demo/presentation’s sake, correct?
    Also, if you play with the rule that the gold ‘goes down with the ship’ does that mean that collecting all gold is the required end game condition (rather than collecting half+ of the starting total?

  7. i just got my first fort (Thompson's Island) and was confused because it comes with 8 flags, but the card says it only has 5 red 4's. And when a fort is abandoned, can enemy ships dock at the island, and can you somehow repair a fort? Thank you.

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