How To Win Every DOMINATION MODE in PUBG Mobile! | Domination Mode Tips Tricks

How To Win Every DOMINATION MODE in PUBG Mobile! | Domination Mode Tips Tricks


How To Win Every DOMINATION MODE in PUBG Mobile! | Domination Mode Tips Tricks

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Game Settings : Smooth, Extreme, Colorful
Recording app : Inbuilt ios recorder & Inbuilt oneplus recorder
Device : iPad mini 5 & OnePlus 7

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  1. Do you like this mode?

  2. Nuvvu ni erripuku ata

  3. nice

  4. 0:37 enemy can throw nade and kill you
    2:00 enemy can easily kill you from behind
    Literally no place in domination is safe one full season i have played domination only so i know very well

  5. Bhai yeh toh muhje bhi pata tha

  6. Nice Controlling

  7. One more domination gameplay

  8. The good ways to always win is.

    Being pro and have no lag

  9. Once you level up higher in EVO, this mode is almost unplayable. You can unload almost a whole clip into someone and they're still able to get behind cover. If you go to try and flush them with full health, they'll pop out and instantly kill you. It was a super great mode for a while, but the past few weeks have been terrible for it, even with good ping. I can't tell you how many times I've been hit through cover, or run over a random grenade in a completely random spot, one shot to the head with a mp5k with full health and die. Gets extremely frustrating

  10. Hardpoint like cod mobile it is copyright

  11. Just gon grab my notebook and pencil

  12. Playing with bots

  13. Shitty game
    Domination without score streaks is unbelievable

  14. nice video

  15. We can win if our Teammates are better….once my teammate got 43 kills me 18 but we lost the match because of other teammates

  16. Heloo

  17. Lol I now everything already

  18. Thanks bro you make great content. Hope you reach 1 million subscribers.

  19. Why bro 1 week no video???

  20. Thanks Bro 🎊 ur gameplay is good in domination

  21. Do one for zombie mode

  22. 💝💝💝💝💝

  23. Very nice

  24. Pls like for spd and me

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