Journey (PS3) – Unlock The White Robe – Full Walkthrough

Journey (PS3) – Unlock The White Robe – Full Walkthrough

This walkthrough of Journey on PS3 will show you how to find all the glowing symbols and ancient glyphs needed during gameplay to extend your scarf and unlock the white robe. In addition to a full length playthrough you will see where to go from the Chapter Select screen to claim the White Robe after your first game.


Prologue – 0:00
Broken Bridge – 9:45
Desert – 19:50
Sunken City – 30:33
Water Caves – 36:48
Sand Temple – 47:16
Snow – 55:38
Credits – 1:21:30
Chapter Select – 1:26:40 (This is where you claim the White Robe)

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Special Thanks To: GOTHMOG84 for leading me through this journey.
Extra Special Thanks To: LezetteDesigns for editing!

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Symbol Guide:


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  1. Its great.

  2. Flying monsters flew from water caves to The city and flew to The mountains

  3. I played this game today on PS4. I wanted to record the journey for first time so I streamed on Twitch. There was a single viewer on my stream and he/she helped me through the journey. This person was guiding me through chat and was there until the very end. I met few people in game without realising they are real person until almost at the end. When I lead the other person on top of the snow mountain and we were dying in cold I was petrified. I thought I lead us to wrong place. Then I reincarnate and went to the heaven or the very last stage and then I saw the other person again and I was so so happy. We made beautiful chirping noises and messed around riding big whale shaped creatures. At the end when we were walking towards the light my companion was keep stopping. I was stopping too but was more curious to see what happens next so I was rushing a bit and then the journey finishes. I think my companion was stopping to communicate some kinda message which I regret it now but I got his or her psn so I’ll try to message later and say thanks. My stream viewer was saying it was beautiful to see finishing journey two person because he/she finished four times alone. Anyway, thank you viewer! You were my white robe guide. And thanks to my companion. I’ll play this game many many time and will try to help and seek new friendship through this. Wonderful

  4. What is the significance of the two white spots shown either side of the exit beacon at 7:59? Nobody elsewhere seems to visit them either.

  5. Hi

  6. i just found this game
    on ps4

  7. Can u go through
    Chapter select individually to collect everything or do you have to do it during the game play through normally? I didn’t get one in the sand skating level I went by it too quick

  8. If you get hit by the monster during the play through and lose your robe is that it or can you still unlock the white robe

  9. I didnt even realise they were players until the end, I almost cried when I found out

  10. How selec capitule?

  11. You didn't get the ancient glyph in the desert.

  12. Every companion I had in this game abandoned me and didn’t even let me catch up to him, when my scarf got ripped off by the huge monster/leviathan they only ran away and didn’t even help, I’m kinda sad now :/

  13. I remember going on a full journey with this one guy, we got along so well and made shapes in the snow. After this, we forgot to friend each other. Miss you man

  14. I played this today and my companion and me kept on walking side by side, waiting for each other and at the snow level, we kept on pressing the o button (I'm on PS4 btw) AMAZINGGGG GAMEEE!

  15. Bruh I literally just met one as soon as I started to try and look for all the golden things on my own

  16. Just finished it. This game is adorable! Amazing soundtrack and visuals. I love the varying levels of connection and struggle with that around you, not to mention seeing anonymous other players and helping each other here and there. AMAZING audio. You don't know what's happening when it starts but you start testing buttons..Ok this one makes a sound and this is important. It just takes off from there and things just resonate flawlessly. Well done to the developers. Truly beautiful. The best "lazy" game ever made imo. EDIT: I can't believe you are making the tune to communicate at 43.20. Awesome.

  17. I just met a person with a white Rhobe that stuck with me the entire game, and even showed me every achievement. I tried to add them but haven’t heard back yet ;(.

  18. As if the game wasn't already beautiful enough. This was amazing. Thanks for sharing

  19. I wish there was game chat…

  20. Thanks

  21. I have a question; I didn't understand the process of unlocking the white robe, may you please explain the process a bit?

  22. I me tsomeone and we ended up bonding so mjch we freinded eachother and now we are best freinds irl and they are the nicest person ive ever met like oml haha i cant beleve that i was so lucky to meet one on my first play through the game

  23. Thanks I am in the water part and lost so at this point I think I may start over with this vid!🥰

  24. Yeah, I'm white, too.😎

  25. If you meet a companion and they reach the symbol before and without you, do you lose getting the symbol in that game?

  26. I know this is a super old video, which makes my experience even more cool. I literally just started this game and on my 2nd playthrough, a white robe joined me and showed me EVERYTHING. We spent 2 and a half hours together, completed the whole game from start to finish, even waited for him for 5 minutes while he took a small break. He got me every trophy I needed and showed me some really cool outside the map glitches, and how to get back inside the map lol. Awesome dude and for a veteran at the game, he really didn't need to spend an entire session with me, but thanks for the Journey my new friend 😉

  27. HOW DO YOU GET THAT RED ROBE???!! I didnt get it when i pass game. I pass game already 2 times ans going to platinum next week.

  28. 7 years late for the party like always, but whatever.
    Right now I feel so many emotions that I can't even tell what I'm feeling, and that says a lot for someone with alexithymia (emotional blindness).
    Only two or three games including this one, that ever achieved that.
    I hope it's OK that I shared this video (with credit of course)

  29. Thank you and GOTHMOG84 for your long past journey.

  30. It was nice to have a player to guide you with the collectables

  31. Do you have to get all scarf extensions for the robe?

  32. Still during the sand part, I fell down a cliff, and my companion never waited for me. He beat the game and I was still trying to venture there. I met another one but I thought he was that one, and everything was fine. It wasn’t until after I beat it did I realize I had been playing with two different people.

  33. Journey is a fantastic game. My playthrough three days agonwas a unique one. It was a normal one until I found someone else playing the game. I followed the stranger. When I saw the guardians I was scared out of my mind. But the stranger guided me through it. When I got to the snow level, we communicated through musical notes and when my partner died, I almost cried. I wanted to heal him/her up. But then I collapsed. Couldn’t do anything. But then the White Robe people pulled a Black Panther with the final climax of the movie and I was revived. But I couldn’t find my buddy. When I made it to the heavens thing, there he was. Sending me musical notes. Walking in circles in celebration. And so did I. I was happy with the ending. (But kinda confused like I was with the ending of Your Name) That was my experience of Journey. It was a fun one. Currently trying to unlock the white robe.

  34. Stunning!

  35. Wow high graphics

  36. the title secuence is pure genious.
    They draw u in, but it was all just part of a big plan.
    Is there fate or decision?
    blue or red pill?

    love love love this game!

  37. Dude, that same person was leading me but I lost them 😭 I know it was the same person cause they were leading me the exact same way

  38. I’ve worked out most of the stuff to get that white robe,I just wasn’t sure what the lights at the chapter select represented 😛

  39. I couldn't stop smiling watching this

  40. I'm rather disappointed you didn't talk. You have a fantastic voice. Almost as good as mine.

  41. Same happened to me twice today, 2 different white robes walked me through.
    I thought they were the same person at first, but they had different playing styles.

    Does anyone else, finish the game and immediately started again?

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