Kawaii Pink and White Kitty Nintendo Switch Lite Pro Controller Unboxing

Kawaii Pink and White Kitty Nintendo Switch Lite Pro Controller Unboxing

I found the cutest Pink and White Kitty Controller for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite!
You can buy the controller on amazon

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  2. Does it have HD rumble

  3. I just Ordered the Coral pink Switch Lite so I can put Hello Kitty stuff on it.
    I wasn't 100% on whether the pro controllers worked with the Lite, the person at the store said they didn't 🙁
    Does it work wired too? Ive seen some cute wired controllers but didn't know if the Lite has the same connections

  4. Happy Birthday

  5. why do people like the vibration?

  6. We literally have the EXACT same things!!!

  7. I'm going to get a nintendo switch in 9 days.

  8. Thanks for the shout out! (comically creative) <– I've updated my account with my new business name. Just launched my own Patreon page, so excited!

  9. I am pretty sure if you have a docked switch you can pair the controllers by plugging the cable in. It takes less time and it easily pairs.

  10. Is it worh it

  11. must be a gamergirl like me….its cute but i dont like pink

  12. How are you controllers holding up?

  13. 👊👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿

  14. Aww I love this controller! I’d love one for myself! My switch lite joycon stick broke on my switch lite so I need one😭😂

  15. Do you think it'd play good with smash?

  16. thank you for this! i love the controller so much 💕 it’s so cute

  17. I keep coming back to this video because I could not get this controller out of my head & it's so stinking cute. Aliexpress takes too long, but Amazon stocked up on these again so I will be getting one. I have a pink third party controller already, but its a bubble gum pink & black. It's cute, but I've fallen in love with this cat one. I MUST HAVE IT! plus it will match my switch case unlike my other controller.

  18. I’ve BEEN LOOKING FOR A PINK PRO CONTROLLER I didn’t want to pay for a real one. I’m totally buying this

  19. I sometimes think you are MyFroggyStuff but into Nintendo stuffs & better

  20. I rather pay for a cute controller for 30 bucks than 60 for joycon/pro controllers that WILL drift. Nintendo messed up. Than you for sharing!

  21. do i need a dock system for this ??

  22. Thanks you so much for finding this controller, I been looking for a cute controller too and i didn't fine any, I just got mine today!!!!

  23. Ordered this because of you! Should come next week 🙂

  24. does is it only work for the nintendo switch or can it also be used for ipad/pc? 😊

  25. I just came across this channel today and I already love it! Subscribed! I don’t have a switch but now I totally want one, as long as I make it cute like yours! What color was your switch originally? Also, where did you get your stand for it? And that computer keyboard?! So cute!!! Where did you get that?!

  26. They also have this controller on aliexpress.

  27. You should download hat in time

  28. does the controller scan amiibo cards?

  29. my animal crossing new horizon is not updating and I don't want to play it anymore and Nintendo is doing nothing about the game

  30. Too cute! Great video! 💖

  31. I found this on aliexpress coz its not available on amazon anymore. Cant wait to get mine ☺️

  32. I want one soo bad

  33. Love!

  34. Where did you get the pink docking station in the video please

  35. This is so cuuute! I have a paw print Switch case and this would match perfectly 😍

  36. Does it have motion control?

  37. I love the vibes and how cute literally EVERYTHING u own is!! 😭🥺

  38. I tried to get the controller but it’s sold out/unavailable. Somewhere else I could get this?

  39. SO SO SO CUTE! 💕

  40. I love it but it is already sold out.

  41. Soo cute!! 😊😄

  42. That's so cute

  43. This is amazing!

  44. Kawaii black girls are the best 🦄😋💖💞👑

  45. It looks really cute.

  46. So cute~ I hope you enjoy playing with the controller~ 💕

  47. great video, enjoying the switch.

  48. I wish i had a Nintendo

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