Korone Goes Yandere because Shion Didn't Play with Her [English Subtitle]

Korone Goes Yandere because Shion Didn't Play with Her [English Subtitle]

Shion was doing Totsumachi to celebrate 150k channel subscribers. Lots of things have gone wrong during the stream. Then, a certain doggo decided to call Shion during the stream.

Shion Ch. 紫咲シオン

Korone Ch. 戌神ころね


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  1. Yubi Yubi

  2. ight ima head out

  3. She said later

  4. How can she be so cruel with others so easily but she can't with Okayu. I guess she isn't really default nice but only to Okayu. Haha

  5. Her accent sound very strong here lmao

  6. My dog when I stop playing with her for an hour.

  7. Korone's accent is so cute.

  8. Man, that Bye bye came out of nowhere

  9. Anyone have the link to the video where Korone and Shion talk about their accents while speaking?

  10. Wait till u see how she is when girls be flirting with okayu

  11. Didn't Shion join one of Korone's stream and said "Korone is cute" then left

  12. Is Korone from Akita?or her dog breed an Akita inu?

  13. Well the thing is Okayu once kiss Shion in Minecraft.

  14. Korone really is such a “girlfriend”

  15. Korone is super cute with her hair unbraided like tbh it's not just her I dare anyone find a female character or irl friend whod normally have it tied up pinned up etc n ask if they will let their hair down n see if u understand like for me anime wise or irl it changes my view of em in a way I cant explain properly

  16. This is really great but can someone send me a link on Hachama's part?

  17. I love how when Shion imitated Korone's ⬆ Korone and I just started giggling.

  18. Is Korone's dialect a regional dialect or a personal dialect? Always found them really cute so I was kinda wondering

  19. Hololive is a bigger soap opera than WWE

  20. I would like to suggest avoiding the subtitles "blinking" (disappearing for a tiny amount and re-appearing between lines) because of the black box you have put behind the subs it is very distracting.

  21. I like how Shion used a reverse card on Korone and started saying Korone's collabs instead lol

  22. I'm glad she still sent that message afterwards. She was definitely worried that Shion might actually worry about their friendship. Korone is dedicated to the bit, but she wouldn't risk hurting a friend!

  23. She did cut it off like it was easy

  24. Translator!!! Thank you!!!

  25. Why is there pantsu on her table

  26. Typical girlfriend right there. She says she's jealous but when you say something, she leaves

  27. Korone's accent is really shining through.

  28. Korone want attention from Shion
    Korone want yubi yubi from Shion 👌

  29. Shion yo~: hey korone!, wants a play together on animal crossing new horizons pls
    Also Korone: no way, at least i just play digimonworld on ps1 dog god's savage strike back again.

  30. Amazing, almost like a real couple's quarrel with all the jealousy. not that I'd know how it feels

  31. The goofball just wants some attention from the smug purple hair girl Lol

  32. Korone want Shion attention :3

  33. yes

  34. i am speed

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