Learn English – English Study Subjects Vocabulary

Learn English – English Study Subjects Vocabulary

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What is your favorite school subject? Whether it was history, Geography, politics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Economy, art, or computer science, after this lesson you will be able to say it in English!

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  1. chemistry?

  2. Art —> Arts

  3. you are good fake

  4. tot cho hoc sinh lop 4

  5. history

  6. (: (:( (:

  7. MDS podia botar as tradução do lado ne ?

  8. 🙂

  9. no more music

  10. good

  11. ok hay

  12. History, Math, Art, Music

  13. turn off the background music

  14. I like Computer Science!!!!!!! (=

  15. Economics not economy

  16. I found this quite useful. I love the music.

  17. Math? –> Maths

  18. It's a very good video! I recommend!!!

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