Leopard Seal Kills Emperor Penguin | Blue Planet | BBC Earth

Leopard Seal Kills Emperor Penguin | Blue Planet | BBC Earth

Emperor Penguins return from the seas to feed their young, and dramatic scenes unfold as they hesitate at the edge of the Antarctic sea ice when they see a Leopard Seal is on the prowl.

Taken From Blue Planet Series 1

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  1. “Once I’m open water they’ll be safe” two minutes later Orca

  2. Next time you remember…. just google a a leopard seal skull 🤭☹️ …..terrifying

  3. 1:37 jazz music stops

  4. Penguin: literally dies
    6.7 million people:interesting

  5. For those of you feeling sad by this, search "Great White Sharks decimating Seals" next

  6. Imagine not only hating traffic, but helicopter-like predators snapped up a vehicle or two… -_-

  7. لا إله إلا الله

  8. penguin be like where are the killer whales when you need one

  9. 小DD:羽禪害怕了!

  10. Now bring on the white sharks (yes I know the water is too cold for them in the arctic ocean) to eat the seals then the Ocras to eat the white sharks.

  11. What incredible photography! You'd never think those waddling birds could turn into greased lightining in the water. What swimmers!

  12. Penguins are water torpedeos and leopard seals are anti topedo missiles.

  13. Anyone else on a penguin marathon? this is like my 5th penguin video lol

  14. And here I was thinking seals were cute, blubbery, perambulating fish things

  15. Happy Feet lied me.

  16. Dark Souls boss fight theme intesified

  17. FIBSH

  18. Leopard Seal: Come here, sausage. I take you with ketchup.

  19. 1:36 Penguins : Dammmnn

  20. Crazy but we use the same strategy when faced with an overwhelmingly powerful enemy

  21. I got reccomended this after watching the scene from Happy Feet.

  22. "Leopard Seals, Nature's Snakes.."

  23. That guy voice sounds like Gerhman

  24. This is life. I don't know what's so shocking about this.

  25. Penguins are shit.

  26. 1:37 = "Oh shit" in penguin.

  27. Penguins are weak & hopeless animal.. Poor them

  28. Seal: Is extremely fast in the water
    Penguin: Jumps into water to escape Seal
    Seal: “… do you are have stupid?”

  29. 1:16
    Penguin : Oops I slipped-

  30. Sadly……… They are the chickens of Antarctica…. 😭❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  31. MY EMPEROR!!! :'(
    Why these cute creatures must die?

  32. The penquins don't realize together STRONG, they could team up & peck the crap out that lion seal, until he kills over.🐧`'Yep!

  33. *Faints*…..Awwww Lawd not Happy Feet…


  35. 00:31 sounds like my car …

  36. 00:31 sounds like my car

  37. 1:36

  38. The penguins in this clip are males or feamales?

  39. Leopard seal: *kills their friend*

    Penguins: wack

  40. Nature's amazing, those baby penguins look adorable 🙂

  41. 3:20
    That Adelie penguin be like: "hey amigo, wait for me"

  42. I love penguins. They are so pretty.

  43. Some times i'm having more fun reading the comments from people, they are very ingenious and crazy,leRning English from them is more effective way to do so.

  44. Freakin campers

  45. This is like if the movie happy feet had a dark turn

  46. Penguin died to save his friends.

  47. حلووو

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