Memory Defrag Is Great Again!! Bandai With Great Moves!! [SAO Memory Defrag]

Memory Defrag Is Great Again!! Bandai With Great Moves!! [SAO Memory Defrag]

Just wanted to give bandai a lil praise for all their hard work and all the correct moves in the right direction. They see what’s happening and they’re on the right track!! I really appreciate what they’ve been doing and look forward to more good shit!! What’re yall’s thoughts on these moves?

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  1. Add the GGO arc and add all the gun chars. Basically I want a whole new dimension to the game by doing the Gun Gale Online arc. WIth enemies using guns, different people with different kinds of guns as well, the whole game will find a brand new way to explode with content!

  2. If they take out 2* I will be very happy I agree with the other guy that said take them out I am starting a petition rn 😂

  3. They need to make an event that 1* to 3* char are usefull

  4. Just freaking make weapon scouts better PLEASE

  5. I don't get how there isn't 2 star, 3 star level only missions. I mean at least that would give them some purpose. Also they should have that Minotaur quest again. Now that you can get previous 4 stars, anybody who isn't a veteran, didn't have good luck on a banner (i.e.myself), or even new players now, will pull these 4 stars and not be able to give them the right elemental equipment and or weapons. I mean I don't know how long my fire lance asuna has had a 3 star wind lance just because I cant pull a 4 star lance the 2 or 3 times there was a banner for them lol. I'd like them to do two things. One put all previous 4 star weapons in a banner and let us go at it or put basic weapons of every weapon type in a Minotaur grinding event that we can exchange for. Also would be nice too basic elemental equipment of each kind in that. They've done it before so why just that one time? One last thing lol I wish bronze medals were grindable. One bronze medal everytime you do a Master or above shouldn't break the game. I've done 4 bronze medals scouts and 2 silver medals scouts and so far a not a thing. Its luck I know not trying to whine so much but man does it hurt the soul to grind for so long and get that 2 and 3 star ah ha..

  6. I agree with most of this, only thing I have a question mark on is the thing about "raids" or similiar content. Isn't the castle floor clearing events precisely this? New players can't complete it and having "x" amount of 4, 5 star units with r4+ weapons and clothing + accessory and maxed skill slots makes it completable. Aside from that nice review.

  7. they should give out more MDs for the daily missions so that way you have to do alot more in the game to earn those diamond so you wont just hop in for like 3 random easy quest with follower and say random stuff in chat and get off the game
    make it like 40 MD a day so that way people have a chance to try single character scout and single weapon scout a day to see if they can get anything to improve or will they get ultimately crushed by the RNG
    make it much easier for the f2p player and make the whaler's wallet bleed less

  8. I also just realized something that would make people's lives so much easier. Make the 1 HOUR LIMITED Master +1/+2 stages into a 1 DAY LIMITED stage, so instead of 1 hour from blahblahblah utc to blahblahblah utc, you just get that entire day to do that limited stage, like Master+1 opens on the following days: October 3rd, October 10th, and October 17th.

  9. I feel like upping the difficulty will just make a bigger gap between new players and veteran players. If they made Master+2 more difficult than it was already now when it first came out, then it would've made 5*s pretty much the new 4*, but because 4*s were the "must have to clear events." If 5*s became the new "must have for clear", then the powercreep would've been real (I like how 5*s and 4*s can co-exist with each other pretty much). The grind is still sort of annoying for point events, since you need to have time, and when busy players see content they can't finish in time, it just feels frustrating. SAOMD IS a mobile game, so I would like for the grind to at least remain the same, if not a little bit shorter (like 40000 pts, instead of 50000). Make more reward checkpoints in between, or cram in more rewards per checkpoint, and you're set. A bigger guild would definitely be nice, since 10 people just isn't enough, and I'm one of the people running a guild with only 3-4 people. The drop rates I have to admit aren't "bad" on paper. You get 6% for rainbow or more, which is already pretty good. HOWEVER, it seems like that's not what the players are experiencing, so I would definitely say upping the drop rates for 4*s and 5*s would be better. Aside from that, I've been enjoying the new defensive war game mode, since they required strategy with your teammates. They were doable solo, but when the first defensive war came out, a lot of people realized the trick to winning was to not hit the red fruit heads, and try and kill everything else instead. However, it was still sort of difficult since AoE SS3s ended up unintentionally hitting those red fruit heads, making you have to be careful about where you use your AoE SS3.

  10. When knee_gers____ is written in the video xDD.

  11. Firstly, they need to put a utc time clock in town…..Then do record crystal weapon version Guide alliance and Key farm…. tired of going back to main story tofarm themA message system, like a mail And perfap more use for col… buy crystals shard or auction for rainbow essAlso at least giving out free 2~3 star character. Some poeple struggle to do some quest with character restriction

  12. Survival Mode, Monsters just keep spawning, every time you kill a group more spawn, then a boss, then always a boss + mobs then 2 bosses, and it keeps going.
    No rewards, just a ladder system.

  13. So freaking mad. On the first banner on step one I rolled asuna twice. New banner, got record crystals, and got asuna AGAIN

  14. Transfer record crystal scout from 1 banner to another

  15. My only complaint is the guild messaging system. Since its hard to message fellow guild members and what not. Everything else i definitely agree with you.

  16. the thing i hate most about this game is the Floor Clearing events. these events are BS because they require ppl to be lucky enough to have pulled multiple 4*/5* characters and that shouldnt be the case. It doesnt even stop there. after the game requires you to be lucky enough to get all the characters, they also make the quests so hard after a while that you need to have exceptional gear for all of those characters to be relevant. I have many 4*/5* units on my main account. I only have about 4 or 5 units with good enough gear to lead a team. the deploy limit should go away or increase so that i dont have to get lucky on 2 different fronts.

  17. the rates for the 5 Star characters are insanely low the only people who are basically guaranteed are whales who spend a shit ton of money while f2p have to pray to get a character xD

  18. i think bandai need to fix the delay at attack and parrying in multi player… before they make the game difficult

  19. They're on the right path.

  20. Cool

  21. Mmh. I agree with raid and guild expansion and pretty much everything lol

  22. Not saying it's what we need but personally I would like more to do, harder content, more grindy stuff, and basically just something to do when I'm bored with nothing else to do that's at least a little rewarding.Casuals have their stuff so I see no reason to not also give the tryhards something too. And either reduced MD price or better scout rates. F2P kids are shit on just a little too hard. I know when I spend $100+ on one banner and get 100% fucked I always go on strike for a couple months where after at least decent pulls I either spend more or spend again on the following banner. Not getting new shit is no fun for anyone but one way or another you need to earn it.

    Step 6 rates should be normal rates, and after this halloween banner I feel I need to also mention that ONE r4 weapon should under no circumstances be all you get for ONE THOUSAND MDS

    I felt the step 6 pulls for the Anniversary banner had a rate that you could pull a 5* 50% or 33% of the time. That's how it was for myself (10+ step 6 pulls) and some others. Now if you argue that's too high a rate I'd like to mention I NEVER ONCE PULLED MOTHER FUCKING ASUNA. Got Kirito on step two, all I wanted was Asuna so now I got Kirito, obviously now I want Asuna more than I did originally. Just a couple more pulls, okay I guess I'll do the step 5 and get a guaranteed Kirito dupe (which of course happened) Now 750 MDs after getting Kirito #1 Still no Asuna. 2K something MDs in step 6 pulls later I got lots of shit, 10+ 5*s probably 12 4*s…BUT STILL NO ASUNA. The rate was fair, but sadly luck didn't allow me Asuna.

    Finally opinions welcome. What if we could get an item through scouts, missions, or challenges or perhaps character trading that would let us eventually cash said item in for one character(and or said characters weapon) of our choice from any banner not currently active?

  23. All i want to see is for them to remove the 2* from the scout

  24. rank restrict event will be great, maybe only for rank 120 and above

  25. I feel difficulties are good I struggle and feel rewarded in master 1 and 2

  26. 250 diamonds for kirito and eugeo Thx argo ;-;

  27. I've been hearing that datamine these days, is that some kind of an info breaker page
    link please

  28. Hey I know this us somewhat broken but I think bandai
    Should remove the weapon trade in lisbeth shop and allow trade of weapons between guild mates

  29. im cool with all they did so far lol i dont want more shit to farm cuz im playing 2 other games besides defrag so grinding it all out in 1 session makes things so much easier

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