Most Underrated Domination Tactics Only Top Players Use | 6v6 Modern Warfare Tips | JGOD

Most Underrated Domination Tactics Only Top Players Use | 6v6 Modern Warfare Tips | JGOD

I walk through some real match scenarios to help players improve at Domination within the 6V6 Playlist as of the Season 2 1.15 update in Modern Warfare.

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The “6v6 Modern Warfare Tips” Series is a series where I focus on a variety of tips and tactics specific to the 6v6 Game Modes to help players improve by understanding in game mechanics or high level proven strategies in Modern Warfare.

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I started Making Youtube Videos Specific to Call of Duty in August 2017.
The Content is Geared towards Helping players improve by providing practical tips and tricks, best Class Setups, and Guides.


How to Do Better in Domination | 6v6 Modern Warfare Tips | JGOD
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  1. This mode is dumb.

  2. I’d love to team up with you in Domination. This is my favorite game mode.

  3. Let me rephrase that for u thing only corner of Peking campers use

  4. Bruh the people you played with had no idea how to play lmao

  5. Do you have footage of playing DOM on Hardcore?

  6. I like how you breakdown footage. This is definitely helping me.

  7. i hate those bozos that go try and cap a when you have b and c. even my idiot friends who i'm on coms with go try and do it. and i'm like all your doing is causing them to spawn on C and going to give up C. really need new people to play with

  8. What gun were you using?

  9. Dom is my favourite game mode. But you need a team

  10. OMG this needs to be taught more… everyone trys capping everything and spawns get stupid like right behind u.

  11. Not sure if you have already, but you should do tips on Search and Destroy.

  12. I usually "map control" from 120 and up, as the first 100 I'm still getting the feel of the match. in close matches its 50/50. and the team that has B wins. oh and use smoke grenade when capturing a flag. been using it lately and have captured more flags. then again i do see more thermal guns in domination as of late. maybe they come prepared for this strategy. dang it.

  13. What Gun is he using

  14. Wait, you cant stack streaks?

  15. Deathmatch domination is the perfect game mode.

  16. Rule number 1….kills don't guarantee winning domination.. unless u get a nuke

  17. I don’t get how enemy captures one flag and their score goes from 0 to 80 in seconds but it takes forever when we have 2 flags captured to go up 🤨
    Sometimes it be like that I swear 😂

  18. Who plays obj 😂😂

  19. I started using claymores because of you so good for map control!

  20. I play 6v6 because i hate big maps.

  21. What weapon are you using please ?

  22. One of the most frustrating thing about Dom is the randoms who push for a third flag. When you have two flags, lock down that portion of the map and you're good. Go for the third flag and you flip the spawn. Then it's just uncontrolled chaos.

  23. So annoying playing domination, all people do is capture flags

  24. Is your minimap and compass lower than usual? How do you change it?

  25. Thanks for breaking down domination!

  26. Biggest challenge with MW is the kids mentality that kills/KDR is everything. Playing Hardpoint yesterday on Shipment and nobody on my team had more than 8 seconds by the end of the round, whereas I had nearly 2 minutes, top kills and top of the team scores but we lost……kids did nothing but whine about lag etc in voice instead of playing.

  27. Here’s the only tip you need for domination: play search if you want actual competition and stop camping and using 725’s. That’s all this video should say

  28. It's so frustrating when people don't play the Objective. If you just want to kills play Team Death Match or Free For All. Sh!t grinds my gears.

  29. NEVER 3-cap!

  30. Your content is really good. I have a feeling you would be really good no matter the subject. Very thorough and has brought me from clueless to being able to at least hang with my friends during COD.

  31. Fun fact: You would've won that first match if you captured C. I thought that was pretty interesting 🙂

  32. I hate how most of the time your teammates capture a position then immediately sprint off to the next one instead of holding it down.

  33. I'm 32 and have been playing COD for quite some time, specifically domination. This is one of the most thorough tutorials for Domination that I have seen for new comers and people wanting an advantage. Keep it up!

  34. SPOT ON

  35. What loadout are you using?

  36. @JGOD, what counts as a "defend" in domination?

  37. what gun is that ?

  38. What do you do on an open start like do you rush b?

  39. What I dont understand about the skill based matchmaking is it seems to only work for the enemy team and I get like four imbeciles who just f**** have no idea how anything works or they just try to get kills but fail every f**** time.

  40. honestly teamwork is so important in this game it pisses me off that people always say that the game has nothing to do with it.

  41. I wish someone explain that good in cod mobile too.

  42. Amazing! Wish you could teach a class (for credit) on these modes. Bravo.

  43. @JGod sucks when you got trash teammate's 🤦‍♂️ btw what gives you assist as kills like you mentioned in your video ?

  44. Domination in Mw is like running from A to C in circular sense. This is why I don't play domination anymore, to much dumb playing random.

  45. that awesome mate ..would be great to have cyber attack and Search n Destroy tactics in next videos please

  46. Yeah you play dom solo you'll end up losing

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