Mother in the Dream (Gặp Mẹ Trong Mơ)

Mother in the Dream (Gặp Mẹ Trong Mơ)

This song was made famous by Uudam, a Mongolian boy who sang on “China’s Got Talent”. This is an old folk song which describes how a person is missing their mother because she has passed away.

English Lyrics Used:

Verse 1:
From the wide blue sky, you are praying for me
Like when I was a child, you’re always there for me
Though you’re so far away, when I look at the sky
Staying there you were smiling for me

You are so far away, oh Mother
But you hold my hand in my dream

Verse 2:
In all of my dreams, the sun lights up our home
And you stay there to sing, to me
Running in front of our house, on fresh green prairie
You will always be there waiting for me

You are so far away, oh Mother
But you kiss my cheek in my dream

Verse 3:
Sending you blossom flowers, I can feel your touch
Those dreams make me cry, please come back to me
Dreaming we fly in the sky
Dreaming you were here
I’m coming to you, please wait for me

You are so far away, oh Mother
But you hold me tight in my dream

You are so far away, on a peaceful heaven
But you’re still in my heart, watching me

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