Mushrooms & Morons: Quest for the Spaghetti of Power

Mushrooms & Morons: Quest for the Spaghetti of Power

Mario the Fighter, Luigi the Ranger, Bowser the Cleric and Toad the Wizard go on an epic journey in the medieval era in search for the Spaghetti of Power!

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  1. finally some good fcking content in the morning that isn’t sfm

  2. 7:57 9:34 9:35

  3. Why is Bowser The healer

  4. SMG4 should make a game based on this.

  5. One question: why is the innkeeper Miraak from skyrim

  6. Mushrooms and morons 2!!!! The revenge the evil meatball!!!!!!

  7. 11:52 The easiest way to win an Rpg game

  8. toad has the greatest yet stupidest spells

  9. El culo de Mario jajajajajajajajaja

  10. Mario: Yeee!! Inyoo face BETCH!!
    Mario Friends: Fak you!! 4x
    Smg4: dude? WUTDAFAUCK!?

  11. The bible!

  12. FAK U

  13. 4:29 , 5:12 , & 5:15

  14. *random person* : hey whats your dnd group like
    *me, the cleric* : let me show you , points at this video and the other one

  15. 10:14


  17. eat your cereal

  18. this is only a D&D campaign, still more sense than regular episodes

  19. 11:38 Shotguns dont have automatic firing

  20. C mamo la parte del vigote

  21. Toad's named spells:
    0:40 Lizbo Barabus
    5:47 Kapetus Crapitus
    10:46 Paidum Celeris

  22. 2:15 does anyone else see the person in the sky?

  23. Friend: How many Transformers action figures do you have collected?
    Me: 3:04

  24. 5:20
    This where i like about mario

  25. Mariooooo

  26. goblin:aaaa fresh meat get em MARIO:Oh ur so f*cked up.

  27. Mario: You look fat! Did you eat the spaghetti? 😀 Heavy: NO-O-O-O-O-O-O

  28. best ending ever, and he say all so smg4 is a a$$ hole too

  29. This reminds me of The Amazing World of Gumball.

  30. When are you going to make another one of these?

  31. 4:28I liked the part when mario said peneess!! To find out there were monsters in the castle XD.

  32. 2:34 bowser and Luigi knew Mario f*cked up

  33. 2:34 bowser and Luigi knew Mario f*cked up

  34. Crepitous crépitous

  35. Rispo parabasse

  36. Lots of skeletons…
    Where is he…

  37. Mario

  38. Heopop

  39. Hi

  40. The merchandise is rigged

  41. 딸랑 저거 스파게티 힘 얻는 놀인대 왜smg4한테 욕하고 smg4를 때리고 말도안돼
    실제가 아니자라 이것은

  42. 4444454445564377766 tebeauabby tebeau06 Mastin34 tebeauabby tebeauabby tebeau06 tebeauabby Mastin34 Mastin34 Mastin34 Mastin34 Mastin34 Mastin34 tebeau06 tebeau06 tebeauabby tebeau06 Mastin34 tebeauabby tebeauabby

  43. 'Are you sure you wanna-'


  44. Im surpridsed that Mrio is stronger than Saiko

  45. Who is dumb Mario is what I’d like a new because he only likes spaghetti

  46. Where is Cindy says racism on this game I find racism

  47. Is Italian for stuff that is the town

  48. Entry Number 185
    SMG4 marathon:

    Meet the swaggiest team ever:

    Mario as: The brave retard warrior
    Luigi as: The skilled homosexual archer
    Toad as: Powerful depressed wizard
    Bowser as: The sexy and extra thicc healer

    Also this makes me remember those SM64-tale videos… the difference is that this is a board game

    -Highdark… whoops, highlights:


    Confused screaming

    (Also the time stamp is 4:20 by purpose)

    SMG4: "No! Shaddap! Did is mah game! So mah rules, biotches!

    Well, he is literally the god from this universe, so no complain

    SMG4 haters be like:

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