Okayu and Shion Can't Speak English, Matsuri Become a Wife, Edogawa Kanatan

Okayu and Shion Can't Speak English, Matsuri Become a Wife, Edogawa Kanatan

Time Stamp :
0:00 ~ Murasaki Shion
0:53 ~ Natsuiro Matsuri
2:07 ~ Amane Kanata
3:31 ~ Ending Illustration

Clip Source :

Okayu and Shion :
Matsuri :
Kanata :

Ending Illust 1 : D3N (

Ending Illust 2 : Mecha_Pen24

Ending Song : Tanaka Hime – ECHO (

Nguồn: https://69ipc.com/

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  1. 3:01 i thought this was gonna be dirty at first but i was in for a pleasant surprise

  2. Dynamax

  3. Edogawa Conatan

  4. Matsuri-chan almost destroyed her idol career… and also our hearts that day…

  5. 1:52 that "We did it bois" lmao

  6. Matsuri was like an anime misunderstanding moment

  7. 【 Shion and Okanyan r reading the moon runes 】


  9. 1:57 "Sorry i don't know i don't speak english"
    Proceeds to speak english

  10. That one comment
    She is OUR wife

  11. Its over shes taken

  12. Matsuri clip made my day 🤣

    ”And now something totally different”;
    As I was typing the message, my autocorrect turned ”Matsuri” into ”metsuri” (woodcutter/lumberjack in Finnish)… 😂
    …autocorrect can be ridiculously annoying at times…

  13. The guy who got a Yes from Matsuri be like:

    Omg.. Yes.. (Unzip pants)

  14. Matsuri really Staked a big Make on that that one.

  15. wow matsuri's accent is actually pretty good 9.5/10 but Coco's accent is 10/10

  16. I'll leave a comment here..

  17. Quality content. Their all so cute!!

  18. lyger gets an aneurysm.

  19. Wow that dude just got married real quick

  20. Seriously, I'm getting more and more interested in Kanata.

  21. Kanata finally updated her model? It moves a lot more now instead of just the neck. Or maybe I just haven't been noticing.

  22. Fan: "Can you be my wife?"
    Matsuri: "Yes, but actually No."

  23. The man took a shot and it payed off. Can’t hate on that

  24. Fastest marriage and divorce ever poor nick lol

  25. that detective conan caught me off guard and made me laugh for some reason

  26. all attack no defence matsuri

  27. Almost got the big pp. It turns out smol

  28. Matsuri pull the Hana machia

  29. PPT conan speech is hilarious

  30. Time to propose to Japanese girls using English.

  31. Nick you lucky bastard

  32. At least Matsuri was a good sport about it when she figured out what it meant.

  33. masturi knee HP:94

  34. Yo Nick, congrats and "F" bro

  35. I don't know why but when they don't understand they just said yes to everything.

  36. Lmao that bgm

  37. Holy shit that conan reference is sofa king awesome

  38. Well crap Matsuri says yes to be my wife but first asks what it means. Chance da yo. Never tought it was that easy getting a waifu. Oh wait I dont speak japanese how are we….


  40. I read the thumbnail as:
    "Can you beat my wife?"


  41. She did not take back the word. Once again smooth bro smooth

  42. Puro "pero" ti 😏👌

  43. Matsuri
    100 ATK
    0 DEF

  44. Everyone must be jealous of nick

  45. Man, I'm gonna earn up money just to make Matsuri read my little tricks to making her say she's my wife.

  46. That Conan reference was really well done X'D

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