Orbit Gum Custom LEGO Vending Machine

Orbit Gum Custom LEGO Vending Machine

I hope you enjoy today’s machine!

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Nguồn: https://69ipc.com/

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  1. please do tutourial

  2. That is clever.

  3. I've been waiting for a tuto of this for a while. It's honestly the best mini machine I've seen

  4. Put this set on lego ideas.com and see it will be published as new set. 😀

  5. Can you do the tutorial pls…

  6. Can you do tutorial?

  7. Make a tatoriol

  8. Tut

  9. So cool😎

  10. TUT

  11. Love the Orbit Machine. Can you maybe do a tutorial?

  12. I already made it

  13. I will make a tutorial

  14. Brilliantly!

  15. Song Name?

  16. Tutorial plz

  17. You should do a how to on it

  18. tutorial pls pls pls pls

  19. tutorial!!!!!!!!!!! Pls!!!!!!!!!

  20. you asked for 300 likes and you get over 3,000

  21. Plz make turturial

  22. plz I
    would love it

  23. pelease tutorial

  24. tutorial please

  25. Wow!😱

  26. Tutorial


  28. How to build it

  29. I love this it its so COOL

  30. Intro song?

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