Perfectly Cut Screams 8

Perfectly Cut Screams 8


Perfectly Cut Screams 8

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This is my 8th video on perfectly cut screams. I found it as a very funny meme so i decided to make a compilation on it. All clips are credited.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

I do not own any of clips used in the video.
I dont take credit for any of them and never will.
All credits go to the rightful owners.

If you would like to get credited or have a complaint about certain clip used, just send me an email. No harm intended! 🙂

Video clips taken from the r/perfectlycutscreams subreddit and my submissions.

#perfectlycutscreams #soggy_nugget #ismellpennies

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  1. What's up my dudes, if you enjoy the content, check out my twitter account as well! <3

  2. 3:16 hits the the object with his head *scerams

  3. 2:41 I can’t he’s snorting I’m going to hit him with this pillow……… hits him with the pillow FUCK!!!!!

  4. Me when my mom tells me my dad isn’t gonna pick me up anymore 1:03

  5. 2:14 bruh i died luaghing at this part 😂

  6. 4:22 hehehehehehehehehe
    5:44 rest in peace fan + don't be like CRAZY MONKEY IN KUNG FU PANDA

  7. I could do a lot of these of my own life from playing the forest

  8. 10:31


  10. the 1:48 one was so funny

  11. 2:11 ScArY

  12. 2:13 intronya erpan:v

  13. Bruh was that konekokitten at the beginning?

  14. The one with the balloons killed me

  15. People screaming

    4.7 million people:interesting

  16. 5:49 they are speaking algeria arabic and they said
    "Shut up already"
    "Go win to yourself…"

  17. 4:23my fav

  18. 5:00 sounds like Finn screaming

  19. I like this clip 5:48

  20. That Easter bunny should save it for Halloween

  21. I Wish I Have a AirPod

  22. Haahahahhha

  23. 0:56 people uses hidro pump….it's very effective

  24. Me when I saw this video in recommendations Oh mY GOd ItS RoBeRt DoWnEy juNiOr

  25. Yo what's the name for the song at 0:36? Please reply!

  26. Why is nobody talking about 1:52? I CANT STOP LAUGHING 🤣🤣

  27. 0:26 when I play halo for a year
    Halo guy = me

  28. When I am in bed and late for school 2:41

  29. Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  30. I will translate it for you cause its arabic 5:48
    what is that?
    Him : do u like it?
    Ur bad at cooking…

  31. 2:03 como se llama la música?

  32. The dog one though "snoot" (the dog: runs at him)

  33. 1:02 was my favorite
    Because it was my childhood show

  34. 5:44 Fan Destroyer

  35. 0:59 THAT IS SO DEEP

  36. …Then cook the P I S S A

  37. 0:12 Remainings! At the start

  38. 7:28 clip name?

  39. Lol this one is mah fav 9:38 🤣

  40. name of the video on 2:02? want to have it individual

  41. 2:39 he is waked up a dark souls boss

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