Persona 5 Royal Collab Characters Are Better Than I Thought In Sword Art Online Memory Defrag

Persona 5 Royal Collab Characters Are Better Than I Thought In Sword Art Online Memory Defrag

It’s time to properly give my thoughts on the Persona 5 Royal x Sword Art Online Memory Defrag Collaboration characters and go through the new ranking event P5R Collab The Twisted Emperor and Phantom Knights Part 1!


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  1. what should i level up with my hacking crystals? Attack or MP?

  2. 11:42 well if u weren’t an idiot(no offense I just see a lot of people doing it) you would mlb her with all mp breaks not attack breaks then u can do 4 ss3 it’s the same with EVERY free unit

  3. Pahingi po md

  4. Lmao got the girl in my first multi and got joker on the single daily pull

  5. How do you change your name in the game its very bold how did you do it

  6. Do you know? when using different element char with P5 you can still do a cross link with them?

  7. I’m in the same group for the ranking event 😂 I’m at number 6

  8. Oh, violet? Oh that chara that is super frail, no, i dont like her at all, i even got her to lvl 100 and got her own armor and weapon but still 6110 dmg!!! Bruh my lvl 85 kirito is even better!!! And!! I rerolled on the PERSONA banner and i got to step 3 but you know whats surprising?? I DIDN'T GOT ANY PERSONA CHARA!!!! so this game is all about scamming(well thats my perspective)

  9. I came back to your videos quite often because of this game. It looks very fun to play at high level (with skill 3 and stuff) but… It's just so damn hard. Not that far into the game the bosses become crazy fast moves with unblockables all over and as much as the game looks cool I can't really deal with that stuff…

  10. I got joker from free one day scout

  11. why is that christmas Yui on lvl 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Kaz explain?

  12. I accidentally uninstalled my game, so now I'm waiting for the creator's to restore my progress 😭

  13. Luv memory defrag!

  14. I just learned from his video that we can change their limit break into something else if you want too

  15. Little survey: how many 6 stars do you have? (Personally I have 16)

  16. Bro, I said the exact same thing about the all out attack in my video. How the units seems underwhelming with their skill of mitigation and healing, but all out attack just ends the game. I got my time down from 27 sec to 21 sec from that on the Master +1.

  17. I wanted to get joker but i got skull on my first roll ffffffffffff

  18. I got joker and skull on day time and some 5 stars the.

  19. Godded sinon is here, Sao Rising Steel

  20. Hi kaz

  21. In the end, it doesn't matters what they do, they will do us dirty god dammit, tnx bandai.

  22. Hey, your fire Alice's dualblade skill is not upgraded 🙂

  23. I just pick all attack when limit break

  24. Kazuto when you away im gonna be depressed

  25. Nice

  26. Yuna's banner is better by far…. Crossing,HP, barrier and mp link…no better package

    Last collaboration was better than this by far

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