Pony Paradise! Ep. 1 Lollypops! | Amy Lee33 | Mine Little Pony

Pony Paradise! Ep. 1 Lollypops! | Amy Lee33 | Mine Little Pony

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  1. Rewatching the whole series because I’ve been thinking about it a lot

  2. Dang I remember watching this and wanted to have this texture pack in my own world when I was a kid

  3. I remember watch ubg this when I was only 6

  4. i remember watching this when i was like 7/8? it’s very fuzzy

  5. its 2020 and I came across Pony paradise again and it brought me memories when I was 5

  6. Hiiiiiii 😁

  7. This series taught me how to make a castle so thx I loved this series so while making a castle in Minecraft it reminded me of it

  8. 2020 anybody?

  9. hi i’ve come back for the nostalgia 🥰

  10. The memories 😭

  11. Aa I remember when this came out I loved Amy's channel it was my childhood

  12. 2020?

  13. Who else remembers watching this as a kid?

  14. This brings me so much nostalgia, this series here is what inspired me to do gaming. I watched this as a little kid, Amy made me like minecraft. After liking minecraft, gaming became my hobby. Amy if you’re reading this, thank you so much, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you

  15. I loved watching this lol

  16. 2020 anyone?

  17. Wow

  18. They also inspired me to build in minecraft in a young age😭😳

  19. Omg, I remember watching this when I was a young kid, like I’m nearly an adult now. This is the definition of nostalgia for me 😍💗

  20. I dont know how i remembered this.. But im glad i did.
    My childhood right here ladies and gentlemen

  21. Who els is a og lol

  22. I cant believe I actually found this…

    I remember this series A LOT 😔

  23. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve watched this YouTube channel.

  24. Rewatching my childhood 😊😊

  25. I remember watching this at 7-8

    chokes on memories

  26. i'm rewatching the hole series 🥺

  27. omg i was looking for this series 🥺🥺🥺

  28. Rewatching in quarantine because u watched this when I was like 7

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