Real Shaolin Disciple Reacts to Marching Fire Expansion (For Honor)

Real Shaolin Disciple Reacts to Marching Fire Expansion (For Honor)

Check out my Reaction to the new For Honor: Marching Fire Expansion which adds four new playable Heroes inspired by Chinese Culture.

I felt compelled to do this especially because there is a “Shaolin Monk” character and I’m going to put him to the test. How authentic are his movements?

Please watch this video so you know why I feel like I have some authority to talk on this matter:

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  1. There are many misconceptions in the comments. Please watch this video so you know why I feel like I have some authority to speak on this matter. Its about my life in Shaolin Temple:

  2. 'if we do that we'll be hit by stick"
    Hey my parents know that move!

  3. Imagine Zanny watching this

  4. I know this is a year late but shaolin does have a sweep attack


  6. So the Shaolin has the worst Kung fu

  7. Hi Ranton, what do you think about kung fu versus mixed martial arts?

  8. I’m sad because there’s a few other really cool advanced moves you can do that he didn’t do or probably didn’t know about. I wish I could literally show him lol l.

  9. I think it would make sense that these Shaolin Warriors aren't being as flexible or flashy with their movements. They're fighting other fighters who are well trained in their areas of expertise to the death, so the extra flair isn't something they'd be thinking too much on. Their training is still in the back of their minds, but their fear of dying is blurring it a bit. It's like when you're watching a UFC fighter get hit, they instantly realise they could get injured and get a little sloppy. I've met many people who can't hold their cool too well in HEMA, and they forget a lot of their training when in a bind, so I'd say this is pretty realistic.

    I doubt this is the case since they use a lot of the same people for the motion capture, and some of the other classes use techniques that are very unrealistic or historically inaccurate. But it's just a thought.

  10. i realy wished he was doing the moves for for honor…

  11. As much as I like the Wu Lin faction, I still play black prior

  12. Someone please tell me that the devs watched this and updated these TUHHRASSHH shaolin mechanics

  13. 0:33 They need armor in war, not robes. Not to mention this was hundreds of years ago, so outifts have changed.

  14. Dude, bare hands are not gonna work against blades, clubs and axes. Reason for this is that every character has to have a weapon, even the monks must have one. So the staff would do.

  15. Oh no we call tiandi the annoying autistic chinese screaming child

  16. Not even gonna look at Tiandi’s kick

  17. It’s bad cuz the motion capture actor was trash

  18. the chinese they speak in game i can actually understand. thanks ubisoft

  19. Why not reacting to Lei Fei from Virtua Fighter 5?

  20. When a foreigner try to tell you he is a shaolin master. Did you know than real shaolin temple didn’t allow foreigners??? So your fucked buddy your not one of them what ever american school you attend

  21. Ok honestly just looking at the small demonstration videos of shaolin just makes ya think, like "how the fuck did they not use perfectly accurate shaolin, it would make it SO SO SO much more dynamic", like, movies and games LOVE large SWEEPING attacks! and Shaolin is full of those!

  22. Normal person: * breaths *

    Shaolin master: looks like you want some beating with the stick

  23. I was very disappointed you didn’t use each character to full extent

  24. I need a score

  25. Real SS officer reacts to boy in the striped pajamas

  26. I was gonna comment, " Does anyone calculated the points but thank God u counted yourself "
    Love from US🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. How should he do hand to hand combat against halberds and swords? His hands will get cut off

  28. If you press square after landing the sun kick you do a leg sweep did you know that?!

  29. I like the headcanon that this is a trained monk, but he's never worn this much shit all over his body so he's compensating for it and his moves look like shit because of it.

  30. Martial artist students: Exists

    Sensei/Masters: "Bend you legs more, bend your legs less, lower stance, hips in, Lower Stance, point your toes, LOwer STANce, keep your feet in line with your shoulders, LOWER STANCE!!"

  31. So many moves haven't been shown for each of the Character…

  32. The Monk dose have a Sweep

  33. can u Teach me kung fu 🥋?😅👌🥳🥳

  34. 🗑

  35. Ok. But this man knows how to do more combos than I do. Also I wanted to see him look at the executions

  36. Please, I must know the outro music!

  37. That hair on the monk in the hook thing is from the Qing dynasty

  38. actually they do the moves with a real man just need to track they movement you cant expect he gonna master shoulin kung fu

  39. Can someone please tell from where is the reference at 6:03. I've been racking my brain for a good while now and just can't seem to figure it out

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