SCIP Rewind ⏮ – SCP boardgame! + 2 new SCP PC games! + Video catch-up!

SCIP Rewind ⏮ – SCP boardgame! + 2 new SCP PC games! + Video catch-up!

_____ News Segments I talked about below! –

SCP-173 Art by dante-cg – ( to watch him paint it)

SCP: Secret Laboratory by Hubert Moszka –

Escape from Site19 Boardgame –

SCP-3008 Ikea game by N00mkrad or nmkd –

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SCIP Rewind – SCP Boardgame + 2 new PC games! + My videos you might have missed! Everything in this video was created by me, used with permission (proof can be provided without question) or it exists in the public domain.


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  1. Hey Volgun, the process of creating the art for SCP-173 from dante-cg can be seen on his YouTube channel, called Borodante. He does drawings of SCPs and other things. I recommend everyone go check out his channel. His editing and content are pretty cool.

    Also, I like these SCIP episodes. They cover the videos that we might have missed during the week, and inform us on SCP games and other things SCP related that we otherwise wouldn't have found out about.

  2. Oh nice.

  3. this is a great idea!!!

  4. I LOVED SCP-93!

  5. I like the news stuff.

  6. Uh, would just like to point out that we are all going to die. The Vulgan showed a photograph of 096's face in the video when talking about the board game. It was nice knowing you all lol.

  7. Pozdrawiam Moszke !

  8. @TheVolgun SCP : Secret Laboratory is multiplayer version of SCP:CB based on Garry's Mod gamemode gameplay. You can play it with your friends and have got a lot of fun. You can be SCP, class D, Scientist, MTF NTF or CI soldier. I have early acces to this game and I think it will be good, but Hubert has to create more content – e.g new SCPs.

  9. SCP Boardgame? I must see this. Greetings

  10. Hey!
    Thanks for showing my game! Let me know if you want to get pre-release Steam key – 😉

  11. red it like Hubert Moshka

  12. Hubert Moszka want give you key

  13. This is polish hubert moszka, i like him

  14. oh ya'v been in Scp secret laboratory live 😀

  15. Hubert Mozga

  16. While on topic of games, I personally would be hyped about an SCP-1983 game.

  17. Whit accent is 'at?

  18. Hell yeah dude. It's been great to see/hear all your new content these last few months. I like this idea of a news segment. I tend to just dive into articles on the wiki without really checking out the main page for news, so it's helpful for me. As with anything, it's only gonna get better the more you do it man. I look forward to seeing it evolve!

  19. Why make an SCP board game that's pretty clearly CB when the framework for a board game is in place in the form of SCP-3301? Sure, we'd have to leave out a lot of anomalous elements, but the potential is there!

  20. Could you give us some scp recommendations. Maybe some scps that you've read, found interesting and have not made a video on yet. you know…for newcomers.

  21. Hubert Moszka team!! Let's dominate here!

  22. Love the new segment.

  23. Yessssss, this is great! I like Being able to get caught up on what I missed and the news segment is wonderful, it's sometimes hard to find one compact source for scp news and this proves to be a wonderful source for it! As always, keep up the spectacular work!

  24. The Volgun stuck in an Ikea. I'd watch it.

  25. I dont mean to be rude, but when I started this video I forgot you had an accent and thought you were doing a fake voice

  26. Do scp 001 when they go out in space

  27. I love the scp rewind it's one of my favourite scp type of video's on YouTube

  28. 3008 is one of my favorite scp, glad to hear there's a game made for it

  29. Yes keep doing this type of show, I love it 😀

  30. KEEP THIS SERIES! KEEP IIIIIIIT! ^_^/ please hehe

  31. i love the news part. also talk about the 2d scp game

  32. Just saying, red sea object was so god damn interesting I couldn't stop listening.

  33. These rewinds are really cool. Keep them coming my man 😊

  34. Glad to have so much content from you. Sorry I can’t think of any suggestions for you at the moment, but what you have so far has been very much enjoyable

  35. I thought 231 was great. Your doin just fine man. 👍🏽

  36. I liked it. Would love to If you continiue the news on SCP stuff :3

  37. This is a Great idea Volgun

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