SCP-3301 The SCP Foundation Board Game reading | object class safe | Doctor Wondertainment SCP

SCP-3301 The SCP Foundation Board Game reading | object class safe | Doctor Wondertainment SCP

This SCP Foundation wiki reading is SCP 3301 “The Foundation”. Doctor Wondertainment gives the SCP Foundation a copy of a board game based around their own contained anomalies. This game functions somewhat like Jumanji, except for the SCP Foundation!

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Item# SCP-3301

Object class safe

Description: SCP-3301 is an ornate, silver box with a latch and silver key. Inscribed on the lip of the box is the following:



Contained within the box is a board game with the aforementioned title, as well as game pieces and other miscellaneous game parts. The game comes with a small instruction manual detailing a fairly simple resource management board game. However, within the box is a small gold key in a velvet lined drawer, which fits within the lock on the front of the silver box. Inserting the key and turning it while the game box is closed will cause a sliding hatch to open on the top of the box, revealing a flat, purple button inscribed with a white letter “W”.

Pressing this button, labeled within the manual as the “WonderButton”, activates the primary anomalous features of SCP-3301, and begins a game of “THE FOUNDATION”. The following information pertains to the anomalous version of the game.

The baseline properties of SCP-3301 are as follows:

Opening the box will reveal a large game board of differing size, shape, and design.
Accompanying this game board will be 8 place markers of differing size, shape, and design.
Each game board, regardless of shape, features a slot in the middle of the board where a smaller silver box is placed. This box is a smaller version of the larger game box, and bears the inscription “DRAW ONE” on its lid. If the game is not in session, or if it is opened by a player out of turn, it appears empty. If opened by a player on their turn, it will produce between one and three random game cards, which have differing utility within the game.
For full description of setup, rules, and gameplay, see Addendum 3301.2.

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  1. could this be made into a non-anomalous board game?
    it sounds insanely fun.

  2. This is amazing, I need it.

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  4. This should be made into a computer game. They could easily virtually recreate a lot of the anomalous stuff there

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  8. That is the best description of god I have ever heard

  9. Scp + jumanji = a rip roaring good time.

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  11. 58:10

    “DTF Sigma-6”

  12. Such an awesome reading!!

  13. we need a SCP faction for Gwent

  14. dude they should use this to train the mtf’s and agents. its a casualty free almost life like simulation of the randomness that comes with the foundation. it would be great to use it. maybe mtf would be meat fodder, hell maybe even the d class could use it

  15. This is the best SCP (also can someone animate these logs in a yu gi oh anime style please).

  16. I want this to be a real game.


  18. Wait. Is there a Dr. Bright Victory Condition?

    O5 Council: No.

  19. "Nude Mode Removed"? Wait…what!?

  20. These cards are hilarious

  21. If you ever do a "Bright side of life" mug with a image of Dr Bright as a crazy man I will buy a dozen.

  22. Where's the Kickstarter?!

  23. Draws Blue Card = " REDACTED " .

  24. " Board Games Where Fun Once " < 1980-2000 kids…" Does It Have Cards " ? < 2000-2010 kids " Board Games and Card Games Are Boring " .2010+ kids… …SCP " You Aint Seen Nothing Yet "

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    Dr. Wonder: no it’s a toy chill bro

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  30. i really liked this and even though this was so long ago i was so interestred in the conscept behind this. This could be a DND kind of adventure

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