Sketchers Game Kicks | CES 2015 | CNBC

Sketchers Game Kicks | CES 2015 | CNBC

Skechers new Game Kicks shoes bring wearable Simon Says to kids.
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Sketchers Game Kicks: A Game In Your Sneaker! | CNBC


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  1. There was a person at my school with this shoe in like 1st grade the teacher always got mad at him .,.

  2. light up light sketchers.

  3. I had these in 1st grade

  4., y ahora en todas las zapatillas y cajas dice skechers, w….t…..f


  6. This must be a joke…

  7. stop just stop

  8. Whenever i was little if we didnt do our homework we would have to sit out for recess and everytime i wanted to sit out so i could play with my shoes

  9. Bro they sell size 9.5?

  10. you sure are taking ADD to the next level skechers, you sure are…

  11. Mandela Effect anyone?

  12. and there's no way to replace the battery unless you cut the shoe opened itself

  13. he says the battery will Outlast the shoe the battery lasted 10 minutes on my kids shoe

  14. I like sketchers I run super fast

  15. Wait the title is spelled right sketchers. Most people remember it like that. But no it's Skechers. MANDELA EFFECT!! 😱

  16. What are those !!!!

  17. Well, these are kinda cool i guess. I mean they sorta look like nice shoes the game is kinda cool

  18. Can it play Pac-Man? No? Whatever these shoes suck

  19. Can I play Dark souls with this?

  20. Wow, I feel bad for this new generation. This is ridiculous.

  21. School Shooter 11's

  22. If I were a little girl I would love them…CUTE..😊😊

  23. What are those?!

  24. the school shooter 11

  25. sketchers get roasted

  26. gay

  27. kids have smart phones

  28. Damn daniel

  29. so while their supposed to be learning at school their playing a dumb game instead…. thanks sketchers…billy didn't really need an education anyway

  30. this is such a white person thing

  31. this is such a white person thing

  32. yea. kids have enough problems paying attention in school

  33. Is nobody noticing that the T in Sketchers is missing?

  34. I am sad because no size 6 1/2😭😭


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