Stick Fight NEW BOSSES vs Hero Stickmen! (Stick Fight the Game Multiplayer Gameplay NEW Update)

Stick Fight NEW BOSSES vs Hero Stickmen! (Stick Fight the Game Multiplayer Gameplay NEW Update)

Let’s Play Stick Fight: Physics Based Stick Men Fighting Game BOSS LEVELS & New Stuff (Stick Fight ep 11) New Update: Halloween

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About Stick Fight the Game:
Stick Fight is a physics-based couch/online fighting game where you battle it out as the iconic stick figures from the golden age of the internet

2 to 4 PLAYERS in either Local or Online Multiplayer (NO SINGLE PLAYER MODE)
Physics-Based Gaming System
80 Highly Interactive Levels
More tools than you can name
Procedural Animations using the system from Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS)

Stickfight Halloween NEW UPDATE adds:
4 pvp Boss Levels
7 Spooky Halloween levels
New: sawed off and military shotty, spear, Deagle, M16 and PUMPKIN LAUNCHER!

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  1. Who wants to see more Stick Fight!? What kinds of challenges, weapons or ideas should we try next!? And what are some other games similar to Guns Up? I'm curious Brigade….I'm curious.

  2. You skip some part

  3. Baron please become the boss in rounds more often

  4. Poor Baron never gets it

  5. what is name this game

  6. Hello stick fight the game varón con games

  7. 0:12 he having se-

  8. I just love when you guys play this game with bosses it just makes me feel the power of pumpkins

  9. dude you should do green=rainbow red=red boss blue=blue boss and yellow=yellow boss

  10. 9:58 an apple a day keeps the doctor away a skull cracked gets the doctor close(wach green)

  11. What does ez mean

  12. Time goes fast it already been 2 years

  13. Me

  14. Baron,I'm sorry if I'm being mean but you were kinda being a jerk cause if sombody get's the Red pumpkin and reach's phase2 you can't damage that player cause the Saw around them is also a shield.

  15. Baron:i am the boss u will die
    Blitz:throw gun at baron
    Baron: blitz is first

  16. ???

  17. look at green on 18:24

  18. The final attack is the most BRUTAL I wanna see it

  19. For the rainbow DJ boss…

  20. I love stick fight

  21. 0:15 that didn't look right at all

  22. 1:50 to 1:52 ULLLAGIdDiLAGIDIOOHHA

  23. baron try to be the boss or demon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. u suck lil Fox

  25. 4:00
    Rocket jumpers in pg3d

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