Sub Mission Roleplay – Board Game Show

Sub Mission Roleplay – Board Game Show

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Sean Connery originally turned down the roll of Marko Ramius due to the film’s complete lack of insolent women for him to smack in the mouth. Luckily for all of us, a young Alec Baldwin was just pretty enough.

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  1. 8:14
    Jons normal voice and elyse's kind of goofy voice are the same and i cant unhear it

  2. I know this is old but Elyse you are #1 Ichiban!

  3. PLEASE play "Poetry for Neanderthals"!!! I think it would be perfect for this show!

  4. How the heck are you supposed to play this game??

    Edit: It kinda makes sense now.

  5. Jon completely confusing himself with his own big brain scheme to track their movements is the best part of this video.

  6. funhaus references are too boomer for me

  7. fucking youtube, it didnt show up until now

  8. Jon is a secret genius

  9. idc if this is weird Elyse's submarine map is very aesthetically pleasing to look at

  10. 4:12, wait, is THAT why physical copies of porn still exist? It's for ppl who work in submarines, or anywhere else you might not be able to posses a laptop? Huh, that DOES make sense.

  11. I would be so frustrated if I were James. Play the game or don’t. Don’t sit there and waste time

  12. "We roshambo-ed for it and by default I am the Captain" -Elyse

  13. More Jon please

  14. 34

  15. Adam x Elyse

  16. Elyse REALLY wanted to beat James in this one.

  17. "E3!"
    "I thought that was cancelled."

    Man, I love Jon.

  18. Play the full 8 player version!

  19. Watching Jon almost draw the menorah on his map had me in tears

  20. Please play Four-on-four if possible!

  21. Did they just play Battleship?

  22. I really enjoy these

  23. great game

  24. That Adam reference to the logical song, nice.

  25. “Captain you’re crazy!”
    “I am.”

  26. More like, Mr. & Mrs. Sonar.

  27. you should try the follow up CAPTAIN SONAR!!

  28. I want to see a 4 v 4 it will be a chaotic vid

  29. Dang! I thought it was Bruce in the graphic 😕

  30. Play 'Dead of Winter' Please!!!


  32. I would be a complete editing disaster, but 4-on-4 would be hilarious with Jon. He'd need to be permanent radio though! I've never flipped a board game before, but I think this game just might be able to do it to me! Those silenced movements are insane if you can't sonar quick enough.

  33. Jon was so confused that he had to constantly figure out where they were at instead of doing bits with James lmao

  34. Omg! Do an 4 on 4! I love board as hell <3

  35. Down Periscope is one of my favorite all time comedies. That movie has never failed to make me laugh. I deeply appreciate all the references.

  36. Adam was sooooo bad at this

  37. Great show, dream team

  38. "Captain they appear to be going in squares" sounds like something out of Spaceballs. I can't stop laughing.

  39. 37:09 perf

  40. My favorite show!

  41. James: You’re going home to your wife.
    Jon: Dishonorably discharged?
    Amazing lol

  42. I feel attacked!

  43. i didnt think i would enjoy this but i did, 4 v 4 PLS!

  44. Jon’s paths absolutely killed me every time James looks back and he’s erased literally nothing 😂😂😂

  45. I'm so very confused by this game

  46. 24:08 Adam starts to vibrate

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