Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld Part 2 Opening Full『ReoNa – ANIMA』

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld Part 2 Opening Full『ReoNa – ANIMA』

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld Part 2 Opening Full Song『ReoNa – ANIMA』
TV Anime “SAO -Alicization- War of Underworld Season 2″ Opening Theme
Artist: ReoNa


Composer: kegani (LIVE LAB.)
Arranger: kegani (LIVE LAB.)
Lyricist: kegani (LIVE LAB.)
Strings Arrange: Sachiko Miyano (SHANGRI-LA INC.)
Drums: Osamu Hidai
Bass: Manabu Nimura
Guitar: Sho Horizaki
Piano: Yosuke Shibazaki (PENGUIN RESEARCH)
Strings: Muroya Strings

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Youtube (Official):
Official web:

Full ending (Eir Aoi – I will…)
July 19 pre-release:

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Illustration by ”riooo”

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Anime: Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld 2nd Season
Artist: ReoNa
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All music belongs to the original creators.

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  1. SAO Alicization: War of Underworld Part 2 full opening song by ReoNa was pre-released today. Full ending will be released Jul 19.

    Digital release: https://reona.lnk.to/ANIMA

    Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/66vCNm9VPkrHlObHMLReGV
    Physical copy: https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/VVCL-1683

    Illustration by "riooo" – https://twitter.com/melodiccstar/status/1282340192611860481

  2. Es hermoso

  3. After Months of Anticipation, Anima Has Finally arrived!!

  4. Epicooooo mi anime favoritoooooooo

  5. Жалко русских субтитров нету:(

  6. 188k views…

    and i hold about 50 of them

  7. 3:02 When ReoNa’s voice starts to echo and fade in and out of the instrumental, it makes me think of Kirito’s consciousness fading away. Then, when her voice flares up and the instrumental explodes, it’s like foreshadowing that Kirito will finally wake up again. Whoever chose this opening for the anime deserves a raise!

  8. Reona first sang an op song and the song is cool

  9. I didn't think SAO could've gotten a better op after Resister

  10. Epico

  11. Mirip Aimer suaranya


  13. Obrigada para quem traduziu a música

  14. I've read the LN version. I really hope the will nailed the Anime version.

  15. Holy shit I thought this was Aimer

  16. 感謝中文翻譯ww

  17. As much as I hate the show, it still keeps giving great openings

  18. Mantap

  19. Guys I recently Made an Orchestral/Instrumental cover of this opening On my Channel Go check it out and let me know If you liked it !

  20. so reona in here and aimer in fire force ?

  21. 0:26 this part reminds me with a song titled 'disorder' from the same artist

  22. Idk why but she sounds alot like minami to me

  23. I love this part "3:02" and this song is WOW and amazing🤯❤️❤️

  24. if there is a SAO game in the real world
    me : SAO hack

  25. I can't wait for a map to be created and play this amazing song on OSU! 🔥❤❤

  26. too bad the episode was almost unwatchable



  28. rhythms are so fucked, this one had so much potential but sadly just bad rhythms ruined everything. still good one but it would have been the best one i've ever heard if not those fucked rhythms.

  29. This must be the very best anime opening out there…

  30. Guess we're in the Endgame now.

  31. ReoNA, LiSA and Eir Aoi the best singers

  32. Zutto zutto

    Zutto zutto

    Zutto zutto

    Zutto zutto

  33. I like the other openings better but this one is good too

  34. Her voice is so angelic irl as well Ive been blessed to listen to her live at Singapore during Hina matsuri festival!

  35. Aimer vibes

  36. oooooo jesus *0

  37. 0:05~0:07❤️

  38. Can you make sao all op from s1-underworld please :< and the movie and ggo alternative :>

  39. (I’m sorry this is a bit random)
    I think Alice is a awesome character, she is kind, selfless, caring, brave and much more but she gets unnecessary and unneeded hate just because people think she is the competing “waifu” versus asuna. so she is getting bashed at because there are people out there that see Alice as a annoying character that needs to die because she is just in the way of asuna and kirito’s relationship. Can’t you just love a character for what they do and their personality?

  40. This is really so epic😍

  41. Those last few seconds of the opening though

  42. At first I was disappointed that Lisa is not going to sing the op this time but after listening to this I was blown away.

  43. It's not LiSA, but it will do

  44. @Takashi Saitoh dịch hay lắm bạn ơi!!!

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