Tears for PSG's Beckham in the last game of his career

Tears for PSG's Beckham in the last game of his career

David Beckham’s final game after a long and successful career
Tears and emotion in Paris where Beckham ends his career at Parc des Princes with Paris Saint-Germain as a French champion

Ligue 1 – Season 2012/2013 – Week 37

Evian TG FC – Valenciennes FC (2-0)
Montpellier Hérault SC – LOSC Lille (0-0)

Paris Saint-Germain – Stade Brestois 29 (3-1)
Stade de Reims – FC Lorient (1-0)
Stade Rennais FC – AC Ajaccio (1-1)
AS Saint-Etienne – Olympique de Marseille (2-0)
FC Sochaux-Montbéliard – Toulouse FC (1-2)
ESTAC Troyes – Girondins de Bordeaux (1-0)
OGC Nice – Olympique Lyonnais (-)

Goals : Saber KHLIFA (2′ – Evian TG FC) / Fabrice EHRET (12′ – Evian TG FC) / ILAN (48′ – SC Bastia) / Sébastien PUYGRENIER (60′ – AS Nancy-Lorraine) / Anthony MODESTE (72′ – SC Bastia) / Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC (5′ – Paris Saint-Germain) / Blaise MATUIDI (31′ – Paris Saint-Germain) / Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC (36′ – Paris Saint-Germain) / Charlison BENSCHOP (81′ – Stade Brestois 29) / Grzegorz KRYCHOWIAK (33′ pen – Stade de Reims) / Fousseni DIAWARA (5′ – AC Ajaccio) / Mevlut ERDING (45′ +2 – Stade Rennais FC) / Loïc PERRIN (25′ – AS Saint-Etienne) / BRANDAO (42′ – AS Saint-Etienne) / Issiaga SYLLA (14′ – Toulouse FC) / Jean-Daniel AKPA-AKPRO (21′ – Toulouse FC) / Giovanni SIO (42′ – FC Sochaux-Montbéliard) / Fabien CAMUS (56′ – ESTAC Troyes)

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  1. Zlatan is like

  2. Legend

  3. Who is watching in quarantine?

  4. What league is that?

  5. Happy Birthday DB 45*

  6. A Legendary Englishman shined in France!

  7. Baywatch Prison

  8. Next messi c. Ronaldo , sad

  9. Great player but this is a PR stunt. He is nowhere close to PSG legends Rai or Pauleta for the PSG fans.

  10. He never shouldve gone to MLS. He had so much tank left…

  11. Gracias a Ibra y Beckam se hizo grande el PSG

  12. The day messi retire whole world will cry God please that day will never come

  13. Should be ICON in Fifa 19

  14. If he looked like Frank Ribery nobody would ever talk about him. Kind of like not too many people talk about Ribery even though he's twice the football or Beckham is
    Oh ya Real Madrid- the whole roster lol
    Becks jumped to the best teams around and rolled the coat tails off of other players to get titles

  15. OMG. The most overrated athlete ever only because he's cute he's a Kik and run player. This guy has never even been the best player on his team.
    M.U.-Keane nistlrooy
    Milan-half the roster
    Psg- third of the roster
    L.A- the other keane lol

    Eng natl team- hmm who cares they suck anyway

  16. Thank you, legend!

  17. David Beckham is the only English man who has ever played more than 3 counties. he is the legend.

  18. i guess i am gonna cry..

  19. Man U legend, so glad that his last game was playing for PSG, a world class team with awesome players everywhere rather than some MLS team.

  20. HEY BECKHAM! Ibra is going to Man Utd

  21. **Tears for football

  22. tears

  23. True soccer legend

  24. sadly now its ibra's turn..

  25. Best one!

  26. Dream sendoff for any sportsmen….

  27. the Godfatheer of uk metrosexuals

  28. haha at 1:11 he grabs ass, yeah dat ass. lemme tap it

  29. I'm glad they gave him a good send off.

  30. The hell has Becks got to do with PSG? Utd should have given him his last match.

  31. Many people will say Beckham is overrated and he is a legend from media and fame instead of soccer and he never really had any skills and there are many players today who will never be remembered further from the truth.Becks became popular for his skills b4 he was a celebrity that's what Alex Ferguson saw in him talent and skill that midfield goal from Beckham is legendary, he could never play like Messi,Ronaldo or Zidane this is true but can never play like him either he was a true Midfielder, accurate long passes, through balls, Crosses, Corners, Free kicks, long shots and many of the greatest players of today does not possess those skills and that skills made him the legend he has become, he gave so much assists that led to match defining goals if you like fancy footwork style of playing then you are going to think he style is mer but if you understand the role he played on the field you will see why he has such a high status among football fans, and not to speak of all the medals and awards he has and his contributions to the sport, other players who also had similar yet different play styles that also has a legendary status is Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard.

  32. I have nothing but respect for men who show their pure emotion over simple things (like saying goodbye to the the beauty of this game) despite having it all. Beckham, #respect.

  33. We Missing U Mr. Legend…..

  34. legend midfielder

  35. I bet Zlatan's Last game will be even more sad 😭

  36. 1000

  37. what a legend

  38. Beckham the best

  39. It was a hot July evening in Portland. I had pretty sweet seats in gen admission right on top of the pitch. 

    I made fun of his pirate mustache.

    He shot a lazer from 30yrds out.

    I told him I used to wank it to his wife when I was in the 6th grade.

    He bent a FK right into the corner. 

    He gave me a thumbs up and a nod as he walked of the pitch. 

    – My encounter with a Legend.

  40. Why is it his last day season

  41. :'(

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