The King's Avatar ( CN ) – New Look – Anime Mobile Game Free

The King's Avatar ( CN ) – New Look – Anime Mobile Game Free

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  1. Will there be an English version of it?
    I would love to play!!

  2. What game is that

  3. Mobile legends bang bang on play store

  4. Whats name of this game pls i need to know


  6. what game is it and what is the name in it vain glory beacuse I looked up all the names I could think of

  7. From A chinese ghost story in love O2O and this King's avatar glory mmorpg, they seem hard to make the platform into English. Dunno why…

  8. How to download

  9. This would be so awesome if a company made this with todays graphics, it'd take years to complete but I'd be able to wait. Dragon raising its head!

  10. what app ths

  11. I feel the mobile game is limited, but would prefer it on laptop. This is the first time I see the game since watching the anime/drama.

  12. this looks exactly like taichi panda lmao

  13. What game is this

  14. How I download??


  16. Has the Andriod version release?

  17. Taena din ka nag download?!

  18. What happened this game…?? It doesn't download now

  19. I wish we could play this in the states

  20. looks dragonest mobile to me

  21. hello there where did you get this game from??

  22. Se puede poner en español o ingles

  23. What is the name of this game ? Can I find it on iOS ?

  24. I want it…

  25. Can anyone advise this kind of games?

  26. Fullsize?

  27. Is this game open now? And is it in english version?

  28. hey hey hey how to DL d game?

  29. Is there any english version of this game.. now or we have to wait.. really i want to play this game

  30. what is the name of this app

  31. men tankour for tis game!!

  32. Apa gag ad plihan bhasanya kah game ini kakak? Selain tulisan cina?

  33. How do you find that game on iOS Bro

  34. What is the name of game ?

  35. I wish they have it PC version and playable for International

  36. i need this with english version 🙁

  37. how to download?

  38. I wish that's English version of this game so I can play too

  39. What name this game?

  40. If they made this a diablo style game for pc i would fall in love with it cant really stand mobile games like this though

  41. Is there english version of this?

  42. Queria

  43. So hubo alguna actualización a inglés o solo se puede jugar en asia?
    Porque no lo encuentro en ningún lado

  44. Is there an English update? I can't understand Chinese or whatever the language is. Is there a way to change it to the English version?

  45. Does this have an English version and mobile version?

  46. How can I download this game? I have the app of the page but from there I do not know how to download it. You will have a link to download directly

  47. Name of the game?

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