The Rarest Wii Games Ever Released

The Rarest Wii Games Ever Released

What are the rarest Nintendo Wii games ever released? After looking at the most collectible and limited GameCube games of all time it’s finally time for the Wii to shine.

It’s worth mentioning the because the Wii was only released in 2006 that there’s still plenty of time for these entries to change. If I omitted anything please don’t get upset, there’s a sequel coming sometime this year to include the games I missed!

The Rarest GameCube Games:
The Rarest Xbox Consoles:

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Pretty much everything in this video is owned by Nintendo/Game Freak/The Pokemon Company.

No copyright intended as it’s for informative/commentary purposes.


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  1. Hi hi hi

  2. I have Xenoblade, still working on it slowly even though been on PS4 more lately. Took awhile to find it, was hard to find a copy. I also have The Last Story which was briefly mentioned, haven't gotten too far into it stuck at one spot. =)

  3. Dokapon is one of the best Wii Games

  4. Wii ware games are rarer. Bejeweled 2 is impossible to get and was impossible to find when it came out.

  5. This needs a BIG update none of these games are rare at all

  6. The only game on that list I have is metroid prime city lol

  7. Yeah, but what about Wii Chess? I've literally never heard of that game until today.

  8. i'm not nintendo fan, i'm a Sony fan

  9. there are no rare wii games, just download the rom of the game, than burn it onto a disk… BAM you have a free "rare" game

  10. How did everyone seeing this 2 years ago completely miss the fact that this moron insulted EarthBound right when the video started?

  11. American Mensa Academy?

  12. I have radiant dawn and Metroid trilogy

  13. I have the Metroid prime trilogy collection collectors edition. I got it from a GameStop for about $20

  14. The wii is dead (i loved it)

  15. Wii Sports

  16. Gamestop would probably take these games for 12 bucks.

  17. NEW
    Super Mario bros wii

    Sonic color's

    Super smash bro brawl

  18. Is he doing the list on top 10 wii games that you will of never heard of because I have never heard of any of them

  19. Calling wii is a fun wii horror game

  20. if they turn into digital console games for the wii u store then they are not rare anymore

  21. Wow this is super late, my local GameStop has 7 copies of wii Xenoblade Chronicles. All used. All $60.

  22. Oh my… I have all of them

  23. Please do some research ffs. There are a bunch of extremely rare games on the wii and none were mentioned. Watch the video on Metal Jesus Rocks complete wii collection if you want to know the rarest games on the wii

  24. I have a copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy

  25. Return to dreamland? PokéPark 2?

  26. I'll one up you on this. Data East Arcade Collection. Good luck finding that game.

  27. I consider octomania to be a rare wii game (I still have octomania for wii 🙂 )

  28. Holy shit I have the metroid prime trilogy collectors edition! should I keep it?

  29. Just a few side notes about the Metroid Prime Trilogy. At the time I worked at a GameCrazy. (A gaming retail store in the US.) For some reason my district was only shipped copies of Metroid for pre-orders only. We never actually got copies of the games for retail. I'm not sure about other places, but that was odd to us at the time.

    It's also hunted down by Metroid fans because the versions of each game have changes made to them. You would be surprised if you looked up the list of what has been changed between each title.

  30. Were would put sam and max vol 1 &2

  31. the wii failed pretty bad there were a few games that were good but others were third partys

  32. I have the Metroid prime trilogy collectors edition, fire emblem, and xenoblade chronicles

  33. YES DOKAPON KINGDOM ! My favorite wii game !

  34. I have 3 games from this list XD , Great!

  35. I’m jacking off to this video and writing with one hand right now. Comment on this comment if you are doing the same.

  36. Mario kart wii will forever be the best wii game

  37. I lost my metroid prime ):

  38. Guilty gear xx accent core plus took so long to find. I saw it in a gamestop back in 2010, I didn't buy it then. I didn't find it in the wild again until last year at a 2nd and Charles. It took 7 years, but its all mine now.

  39. ✨Ummm all of these are not rare.😜✨

  40. I bought Dokapon Kingdom a few years ago for less than $20

  41. These aren't even close to the rarest Wii titles. Sorry but your list is incorrect.

  42. I found a copy of the Metroid prime trilogy in standard packaging at triangle square for $8. And also at Walmart for $10

  43. I own a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles

  44. Most every one of these games I used to see everywhere and for super cheap. Even xenoblade I had the chance to pick up for twenty

  45. My dad had gotten me over 200 wii games I practically know every game I guess.
    My favorite game was The Simpsons Game.

  46. hey I have the metroid game I buyed it at gamestop for a cheap price but I played it

  47. i only have fe radiant dawn and the metroid prime trilogy collectors edition.

  48. I now have a greater appreciation for my steel book prime trilogy

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