The Sonic Fighting Game No One Remembers

The Sonic Fighting Game No One Remembers

Sonic Battle lets you battle as the hedgehog man with tan arms.

The Mario Pinball Game No One Remembers ➔
The Original Super Smash Bros. ➔
Sonic Mania is Stupid Good ➔

Escape from the City 8-Bit Remix –


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  1. 6:08 you went the extra mile for this video there….

    i'm sorry

  2. Notmreally forgotten,legit every fan animation uses it's spirites and it I the first thing anyone will say when asked about a fighting sonic game or new sonic moveset in smash.

  3. why did it said sonic fighters even youtube forgot it???

  4. I borrowed this game from a friend back in grade school. I got so addicted to playing it I almost forgot that I had to eventually return it

  5. ME; sees this game on mac hmmmm

  6. I remember sonic battle. Its very good

  7. Cream isn't worthless. She has that little blue demonic thing with her that destroys opponents. Also the story is awesome. Rouge calls Sonic "daddy". Probably a good thing Amy wasn't present for that little conversation.

  8. – i absolutely need sonic battle 2.0 WITH NO RNG to weaken the absurd amount of grinding.
    – the "unfair" fights people talk a lot about are fine, it's just hard… even i can play around well, and i play on touchscreen so…

  9. I remember it

  10. Best game I love even today

  11. Sonic Battle was an okay Sonic the Hedgehog-related fighting game, but the virtual training was pain the butt and the only way you can use all of Emerl's ultimate skill cards is by using Game Shark and that sucks. And by the way, Emerl's name is pronounced "ML".

  12. Yea This Game Gave The Childhood A Enlightenment

  13. "You played this all by yourself in the back of the bus"

    Oof you just brought up a flashback that I didnt want to remember

  14. Dude Sonic Battle is A really great game it feel so connected to the adventure series

  15. Chaos is play boll.

  16. Cerrem is over powerdr her name says it all or her chow's name says it all.

  17. I'd say it was more good than mediocre

  18. This game was and still is the shit, I wasted most of my childhood playing this.

  19. The green bar on the top is called a ichikoro gauge..

  20. All I could think while he was running was "I hope he doesn't get hit by a car," and when I saw him lay down I was like "I hope he gets up before a car." I know this is prerecorded but…..couldn't think that.

  21. I actually played sonic battle

  22. I searched for HOURS trying to find your channel

  23. "there arent any combos but you can link your attacks together to make your own combos" …yes… thats a combo

  24. Nothing deserves to be compared to Metal Gear Survive… especially not this gem of a game.

  25. I used to have this game!

  26. I remember this! I had fun with it for a bit but, I was always that one irrelevant kid who preferred Sonic the Fighters on Gems Collection.

    Everyone hates me now, don't they?

  27. I am trying my darnedest to get Sonic Battle into the lineup at EVO 2020. I've even offered to send them my GBA along with my copy of the game. I really hope it works out.

  28. Sonic The Fighters: "Am I a joke to you?"

  29. Emulation of games like this isn't piracy. It's not like you can buy it straight from Nintendo anyway.

  30. I loved this game as a kid. I cried at the end when Emral sacrificed himself. No clue how I even got it, as I wasn't even a sonic fan, but I have some great memories of it.

  31. I played this religiously

  32. I still have this game from my childhood

  33. I was looking for some decent gba games I could download

  34. If they don't want us downloading then oh well. They always act like such a surprised pikachu when a great game they released years ago that never seen a release on any of their latest consoles get downloaded for free.

  35. I actually own this game, i 100% it tol

  36. i remember a kid in my school having this game it was pretty shity and easy to win battles

  37. I'm sorry did he just call tails a twink???

  38. Umm this was my favorite sonic game right behind sonic adventure 2

  39. I 100% this game as a child. Good times.

  40. That was my shyt.

  41. "We all forgot about."
    Laughs in Sonic Battle Artsyle

  42. i am real nostalgic right about now

  43. It was actually a pretty good game

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