The World Singles Tiddlywinks Championships

The World Singles Tiddlywinks Championships

The World Singles Tiddlywinks Championships

Tiddlywinks has been a serious adult game since it developed in the mid-1950s. The rules for the game are not as simple as just getting your wink into the pot. No, it’s far more tactical than that. There are six plastic discs, called winks, a disc called a squidger and a rectangular mat or tabletop. Players take it, in turn, to take shots at the pot using their squidger. The time limit per game is calculated from the first shot played after the squidge-off and is a maximum of 20 minutes.

Defending World Singles Championships American Larry Kahn play Britain’s number one Andy Purvis. Mr​​ Purvis has home advantage as the Championships will be decided in true British fashion in “The Castle Inn” pub, in Cambridgeshire, England.


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  1. You know the brits came up with this

  2. I was my school's tiddlywinks champion

  3. To every single adult who has ever said the words "video games are for children"-

  4. 6:10 really. Is everyone just going to ignore this!!! Lmfaoo 🤣

  5. Came here to find out what Larry, Leon, and Lionel were referring.

  6. Yo bounced on my boys tiddlywink to this for hours.

  7. 4:02 the Pope blesses the Holy Eucharist

  8. Billiard at least gets away with it. this is so ridiculous

  9. this makes me kinda sad.

    "it's like i've seen so many weird things happen in winks it's almost like… sometimes you can go play great and get beat, sometimes you play lousy and you win, so it's like I just want to show up and do your best and like whatever happens happens"

    but it's so genius "I guess i listed in a Guinness book of records" Does he even know what the Guinness book of records is about?

  10. Who's here because of the quarantine and is getting really excited to watch any kind of competition again??

  11. I'm tired

  12. I would have to get extremely roided out before I ever turned pro.

  13. 1:27 all the time

  14. 0:20 going in for the 360 no_scope!

  15. I'm sure drinking MANY PINTS helps to improve performance.

  16. Hector Romero brought me here


  18. Winker of the world

  19. Y'all keep trying to convince us that this is like chess… Only deeper? But it ain't tho. It's a children's game that you can't let go.

  20. Is this real or is it Memorex?

  21. So it's British pool with only one pocket and all the balls are flat?

  22. Did we all just get trolled by these guys?

  23. Jenny Smith is the Master of Tiddlywinks! The best ever!

  24. 1:56 That has to be the most basic ass fucking trophy i have ever fucking seen in my entire fucking life.

  25. This might be the most British thing I have ever seen. Cheers.

  26. Snapchat stories brought me here.

  27. I couldn't watch the whole video. Too intense

  28. hold my beer

  29. Wtf is this

  30. Wink those tiddles

  31. My dad used to use this game as an insult

  32. "in chess its straight forwards, you see the best move and make it"

    lol really?

  33. Most of the people in this vid look like they have some sort of chromosome abnormality, but at least the Brits took the time to dress up nicely.

    Also, even if these people are nerdy beyond belief, the manual dexterity on display here is really pretty impressive.

  34. Looollllooooolloloololololooolllllooooo I'm dying

  35. 5:39 my dude just broke the laws of physics xD

  36. how did i end up here youtube?

  37. why the fuck am I watching this

  38. I didn't know this was a thing🤣
    Thought it was an expression.

  39. Theresa May brought me here.

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