They Thought I Didn't Understand Spanish & Said What?!

They Thought I Didn't Understand Spanish & Said What?!

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    Thanks again for all the support on the trolling Spanish videos 😀
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  2. These them esl niggas🤣

  3. Lol.. they turned into a bunch of goggling school girls

  4. I’m looking for them in le comments idc how far or long this will take >:3

  5. Yo aprender español contigo jajaja NO MAMES

  6. Omg they were so cute to you🙈💗


  8. No cap you cute

  9. Everyone should know basic English, like it or not it’s the international language. Hollywood movies, games, a lot of music comes from the United States just like how most people who watch Bollywood movies know how to speak Hindi NP.

  10. Which is this game

  11. Cuantos anos tienes LMFAOO HAHAGGAGA

  12. Daisy: “Ya dijiste suficientes mamadas”

    Me: i- o-

  13. They were flirting with her 😂

  14. Plot twist they don't understand English.

  15. Can you add me I really want to see your skill

  16. Omg i actually want to play with them lol

  17. Why you stupid 😅🤣🤣

  18. Him: kiss me
    Her: …….. WhAt?

  19. Daisy: I'm 24
    Him: …………….

  20. He said “I love you “ 😂😂😂😂😂

  21. lol it’s played but whatever

  22. but r u fr 24?

  23. big fan I'm new subscriber love from Pakistan

  24. Es hermosa y yo tipo what?? you have never seen her. that funny 😂

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