It might sound like a joke but the modern game of tiddlywinks was started on January 16th 1955, with the foundation of Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club.

The rules for the game are not as simple as just getting your wink into the pot. No, it’s far more serious and tactical than that especially at this level being the pinnacle of the sport. The basic skills of the game can be learnt in days, yet the tactical knowledge of players at this level takes years to acquire. The aim of the game is to secure the highest number of table points (tiddlies).

There are six plastic disc, called Winks, these are various colours, two being 22mm in diameter, and four being 16 mm in diameter. A disc called a “squidger” is used to play the winks. The game is played on a rectangular mat measuring 6 feet by 3 feet.

Players take it in turn to take shots at the pot using their “squidger”. In a pairs match each player can be seen discussing strategy with their partner before each shot, similar to pairs in snooker. If any wink is covered by another, the lower wink is said to be “squopped” and cannot be played, hence players can capture and guard their opponents’ winks whilst preserving their own.

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