Top 15 Rarest Wii Games | Most Expensive Wii Games

Top 15 Rarest Wii Games | Most Expensive Wii Games

The Wii has some amazing games. Here is a list of the top 10 most valuable and rare games for the system.

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  1. I bought F1 2009 wii for 1.50 in a store…

  2. I have mario allstars im shaking

  3. I picked up Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn in June 2018 for 54.99 plus tax

  4. Talking about rarest Wii games I know few of them : Call Of Duty MW 1-3, Conduit 2, Red Steel 2, No More Heroes 2, Resident Evil 4, Lego Games, Need For Speed Carbon And Run, The Godfather 1, Scarface The World Is Yours, Go Vacation, Spider Man Shattered Dimensions and Web Of Shadows, Super Mario Galaxy 1-2, Just Dance, Cabela games, The Sims 3 , Super Smash Bros Brawl, Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess , that's all I think all of these games are great on Wii I played all of them my favorite is The Godfather and what is your favorite ?

  5. F1 2009 is super common in europe

  6. I only have 1 game on this whole list but at least it's number 1

  7. Wii Chess is also a really rare game. It’s almost so rare that there are barely any videos of it. Luckily, I happen to own it which is cool.

  8. I found the super Mario allstars 25th anniversary at my GameStop for 25$ omg I bought it too

  9. I got dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 at eb games for 18$

  10. Most of the games that made this list sold over 100k copies and are just sought after making the price high. Xenoblade it self sold over 400k and yet sells for far more than Off Shore Tycoon that sold around 10k units. High prices does not mean a game is rare. Kirby Dream land sold half a million units as well.

  11. I’m kinda surprised how klonoa or Nights journey of dreams didn’t make it because they are extremely hard to find. Btw the klonoa series itself is considered an underrated franchise that has really rare and expensive games to find and buy

  12. I have One Piece Unlimited Adventure
    I have Metroid Trilogy
    I have Super Mario All Star
    I have Kirby's return in Dreamland
    I have DragonBall z budokai Tenkaichi 3
    I didn't thought they were rare.
    I don't think they're rare.

  13. I heard metroid trilogy is coming to the switch?

  14. I love xseed


  16. Found 2 for 1 power pack winter blast/summer sports 2 at Goodwill for half off.

  17. I got Xenoblade Chronicles for $15 at GameStop because they accidentally put the price tag for Xenoblade Chronicles X on it. When I found it I was like "Why is it $15 even the cashier said it was rare." Needless to say that was a great day.

  18. Bad sound bad pictue …

  19. Data east arcade classics is pretty pricey

  20. Would've liked a mention of The Last Story's special edition. I paid around $90 for my copy a couple years ago.. But it is one of my favorites now…

    And yeah, I have Metroid Prime Trilogy, and Fire Emblem 😁. I used to have the GCN's Path of Radiance…gave it to my sister though. It was my first Fire Emblem, and I loved it!!!!

    Found GCN Zelda collector's editions for $1 each one time! 😃

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